Training in the gym: the weekend fitness plan


from Sabrina Commis And Claudio Gervasoni

Work, family, commitments … Carving out some time to dedicate to training is sometimes not an easy undertaking. If so, you can capitalize on the hours of the weekend. But beware: a high workout is not enough impact to lose weight and tone. It takes the right mix of fat burning activities and movements lenses which stretch the muscles. As recommended by our experts.

Courses in the gym: combine disciplines that tone and lengthen

To get the best, match aerobic work to disciplines that tone and lengthen. Elena Busconepersonal trainer, helps you in the ideal choice.

  • Zumba Fitness And Pilates Matwork

    Are you passionate about dance from the gym? With Zumba you have fun, relieve stress and tension, sweat and burn about 9.5 calories per minute. Mix dances Latin and dance steps modern to fitness. The alternation of fast and slow rhythms not only helps you tone and sculpt muscles, but keeps the heart rate high and trains the cardiovascular system. Combine it with 45 minutes of Pilates Matwork, the bodyweight one. After an hour of aerobics, it is necessary to realign the posture, regain control of the body, boost up the muscles.

  • Step and Yoga

    Are you a fan of the step? Perfect if your goal is mix aerobics and muscle strengthening. Sullo step you train your breath, legs and coordination, in rhythm intense throughout the lesson. Balance the effort withHata Yoga. The movements are fluid and slow, the transition from oneasana on the other, it provides for maintaining the position for at least 5-7 breaths complete. Coupling these two disciplines allows you to work in a way balanced and uniform throughout the body, movement and meditation.

  • Spinning And Tai Chi

    Indoor pedaling is ok for shaping thighs, buttocks and calves, burn about 500 calories per class. With the music that sets the pace, you have fun but the effort is intense: both the cardio system and that articulate are put to the test. Combine spinning with Tai Chi. The slow and circular movements of this ancient martial art, which symbolize combat, make the body more agile and harmonious and restore theequilibrium psychophisk.

  • Bodypump And Deep Stretching

    You train at an intense, zero pace breaks? With weights, discs and a barbell, burn fat at critical points in time to the music. In Bodypump classes you work for muscular districts, on sets and repetitions. So the training it is intense on the muscular and articular level. Combine it with stretching, for at least 30 minutes. You will be able to work onelongation of the muscle areas that are stressed. After an hour of contraction, the muscles do dissolve and regain elasticity. Together they are perfect for a balanced workout.

In the gym: the right circuit in the weight room

When you have little time, ok for high intensity series but in a balanced way. “This way you avoid the risks of postural problems or deficits due to over-focused exercises,” he explains Stefano Cipolla, kinesiologist, posturologist and personal trainer. Do it with the training suggested by our expert.

  • Heating

    Before starting, prepare muscles and joints with 10 ‘of brisk walking.

  • Circuit

    Run in sequence 6 exercises: 3 for the part high and as many for the part low of the body. Start with 15 repetitions of one exercise for legsthen switch without pause to 15 repetitions of one for the arms and continue alternating. Add as many repetitions of two exercises for the abdominals, recover with a 2 ‘break. Repeat the complete circuit 4 times. Total time: 1h and 10 ‘.

  • Exercises

    For the part low body: squat; alternating forward lunges; leg press. Exercises for the part high: flat bench presses with dumbbells (2-3 kg); lat machine with front drive; side raises with dumbbells. Exercises for the waistline: classic crunches; leg raises (ask the room trainer to explain the correct execution).

  • The extra fat burner trick

    At the end of each circuit, add 5 ‘of activity cardio as a step, walk in climb or running to pace bland on the treadmill. To burn more alternates 45 “ rushing to yours maximum speed and 1 ‘and 30 “ at a less intense pace for 2 or 3 times.

  • Muscle stretching

    Finish with stretching to bring your muscles and joints back to theirs voltage original.

  • Mistakes to avoid

    Do not train only one muscle group for reasons aesthetic: you frustrate the commitment without obtaining the desired results. Avoid loading with weights at the expense of technique correct execution, risks of hurt yourself.

And then during the week, from Monday to Friday, don’t stop

Between one weekend and another cropped at least a couple of spaces to do some of movement: you will get used to your muscles not to stay long a rest and you will keep your metabolism active. Here’s what to do once per week.

  • Walk

    It takes 30 minutes, divide it like this: 5 minutes at a pace slow20 more sustained and finally another 5 at a slow pace.

  • Spend 20 minutes on home fitness

    Here are 3 exercises to train the whole body.
    Legs-arms: Try alternating lunges. Each time you bring one leg forward, bending the knee at 90 °, raises arms at chest height. Do 3 sets of 15 reps per leg.
    Chest-triceps: push-ups on the arms. Leaning on her knees, legs crossed, she raises her torso with her arms outstretched and elbows turned inward. 3 sets of 15 repetitions.
    Abdominal muscles: classic crunches. Supine, legs foldedhands behind your neck, lift your back by contracting theabdomen. Do 3 sets of 15 reps.

(He cooperated Gerardo Antonelli)

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