Transparent eyeliner, it’s the trend of the moment, everyone wants it: this is what happens to your gaze

Ever heard of clear eyeliner? The new beauty trend quickly made the rounds of the web.

Eyeliner has always been one of the most popular makeup and the new trend of thetransparent eyeliner it is the proof. Maybe you’ve never heard of it but if you want to keep up with the trends we recommend choosing this one!

transparent eyeliner

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It must be admitted that the major trends of the year have all been focused on eyeliner, and the latter is literally depopulating on social media, especially on TikTok.

How to apply clear eyeliner

Clear eyeliner is invading social platforms like minimal look but with a strong impact. Beauty creator May Akhtar posted a video on TikTok of her using concealer to create graphic eyeliner.

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The look is simple but effective, almost an optical illusion. It is achieved with concealerusing an angled brush to apply it just like an eyeliner, and then blurring the edges. The effect obtained is that of a transparency, since the brush leaves clear lines that seem invisible, blurred, creating a frame for the bare skin. Basically, it’s a reflector for the eyes.

Since Akhtar’s video was posted, the hashtag #transparenteyeliner has racked up over 1.3 million views on TikTok. It’s such a subtle yet stunning look, paired perfectly with cool, dewy skin. It’s one of those looks that they give the perfect touch of class to the whole make-up. It’s great fun for those who want to experiment with more editorial makeup without having to use bold colors.

Transparent eyeliner is also perfect for those who love nude makeup but still want to be creative and original. This trend is the perfect solution for those who want to be elegant but not exaggerated. If you are a minimalist person even with make up, this trend is right for you!

The advice of the experts is to start with clean skin to adhere the concealer: it is a product with a very good opacity and a smooth texture, which means that the eyeliner will be more defined and easier to blend. Another tip is to work in sections. Once you get the length of the eyeliner with the bottom line, blend the concealer so the line dissolves into the skin seamlessly. Follow the same steps with the top connecting line, but fade the line up.

To create a more eye-catching look, start with a foundation that’s either nude or nude two to three tones darker your usual shade of concealer. After applying the slightly darker base, use your usual shade of concealer to create a cat eye. Blend the edges and remember to apply a translucent powder so it stays put and doesn’t smudge.

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