Treatments and hair fillers to do in the salon, for fabulous hair when you return

Treatments and hair fillers to do in the salon, for fabulous hair when you return

Keratin, Oxygen therapy, Botox, Fillers and restructuring masks: what are all these treatments for and how to choose them?

September has arrived and, with it, it is as if the new year has begun. Yes, because it is time to take stock, to end the holidays, to return and to return to old habits and the usual routine. With the tan still present, but slowly fading, another memory of the summer is undoubtedly stressed, dry, dull and brittle hair. It is therefore the perfect time to dedicate yourself to them through targeted treatments, to be performed in the salon, because they are more powerful. But between restructuring masks and packs, fillers, botox and oxygen therapy, how to choose the best solution? This short guide will remove some doubts.

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Restructuring masks and packs, the most classic treatments

Let's start immediately with the most classic and well-known treatments, namely restructuring masks and wraps. They are certainly among the cheapest and easiest to apply treatments. Depending on the type, the hairstylist will apply the product to dry or wet hair and leave it on for a variable time from 10 to 30 minutes, usually under a heat source. We will then continue with rinsing and, possibly, with some other fixing product. These are treatments that are normally performed after shampooing and after any type of coloring and bleaching, to provide nourishment, hydration and invigorate the hair. Doing so will reduce the damage, the hair will be softer and immediately shiny.

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Fillers, boosters and vials, to deeply hydrate the hair

Hair fillers and boosers have a similar effect to those applied to the face, with the difference that they are applied to the hair, especially the lengths, without the need for needles. Often they are super concentrated vials that penetrate deeply into the hair, restructuring it, making it full-bodied. Most contain hyaluronic acid, to rehydrate dull and dehydrated hair and to keep water levels constant. Another key ingredient of these treatments is collagen, with a nourishing and repairing effect on the hair structure. It fortifies and strengthens the hair, therefore perfect in autumn to strengthen the structure and limit the fall that occurs at each change of season.

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The keratin is also famous, but be careful, there is no mention of the straightening treatment, which eliminates frizz but is certainly not a cure-all. The fillers containing keratin are perfect for those with frizzy hair, because the reduction of this problem is evident, but it has no smoothing power, but regenerating, because it is a protein naturally present in the hair. Make the hair supple, shiny and silky. Each type of filler is perfect for those who often use irons and plates or for those who often do the styling with a brush and hairdryer, because the hair dehydrates, tends to break and lose shine.

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Botox for hair: no, that's not what you think

Speaking of fillers, we cannot mention Botox for hair. The name is the same as the botulinum toxin that is injected as an aesthetic medicine treatment, but only the name and the effect are similar. In fact, no needle is used and it is a non-invasive hair treatment. It is a mix of vitamins, proteins, amino acids and panthenol that hydrate the hair up to the inside of the fiber, make it more full-bodied going to fill it, strengthen it and give new vitality to dull hair. It is applied to all hair, strand by strand and left on for at least half an hour. It is rinsed and then a sealing product is applied, so that the active ingredients and functional substances remain on the hair as much as possible.

To tell the truth, there is the version to be performed by the aesthetic doctor, but it has different effects. In fact, in this case the botulinum toxin is injected directly on the scalp. It is a treatment designed for those who suffer from sweating in the head, because it inhibits its production and thus the hair remains drier and cleaner for longer. Then, their thickening and greater growth can also be observed.

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Oxygen therapy, or oxygen that treats the hair

Oxygen therapy is a particular treatment, because oxygen is applied to the scalp by using an airbrush, just like the one for makeup. However, other substances are added to oxygen to enrich it, based on the type of problem to be treated. For example, there are oxygen treatments for dry hair, to combat dandruff and itching or for those who produce too much sebum. In this way, formulas with amino acids, vitamins and natural extracts are created. Oxygen is 99 or 99.5% pure and has a moisturizing, nourishing and invigorating action. It also improves blood circulation, thus stimulating growth and renewing cells from within, making hair grow healthier and stronger. It is therefore a treatment for the main benefit of the scalp but which, in the long term, also has effects on the lengths, especially for the new growing parts.

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