U&D, Giovanni Conversano unveils the drama after the end of the throne

Giovanni Conversano, one of the most loved tronista, tells the farewell to Men and Women and the drama

Giovanni Conversano, a former tronista beloved of men and women, tells himself without filters and admits that he suffered from depression.

A problem that came after the farewell to the Maria De Filippi show and when the Apulian model closed the doors of the TV. Far from the spotlight Giovanni revealed that he had faced depression and anxiety, especially when he was stopped on the street by fans who asked him why he was not on television.

"When I got off the throne of Men and Women and disappeared from the television, the problems started – he told the weekly Nuovo -. In such cases, depression is always lurking. If people ask you, “Why aren't you on TV anymore? What happened to you? ”, You feel yourself dying – Giovanni revealed -. You spontaneously reply that you are waiting to make a program, a film or an audition, but lie to yourself ".

It was 2008 when Giovanni Conversano landed in Men and Women and conquered the heart of Serena Enardu, Elga's twin. Their love excited millions of viewers, but it ended very early. Shortly after, the former tronista decided to move away from the world of TV to devote himself to entrepreneurship and met Giada Pezzaioli, a 14-year-old younger model.

Today Giovanni is an entrepreneur and, after his farewell to Men and Women, he has remade a life next to Giada from whom he had the little Aeneas. After the initial difficulties he managed to find success far from TV, rebuilding a new life.

"What I once was is now only a memory – he explained -. The tronista no longer exists. That of the tronista, however, is not an easy label, it makes you unstuck […] every time I have to close a work agreement, which always those who have a little diffidence in dealing with a character who has been in the world television. Even if they just understand that I am a professional – Giovanni concluded – we sign the contracts! ".

Giovanni Conversano – Source: Facebook

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