U&D, new confrontation between Gemma and Tina. And Galgani thinks of farewell

U&D, new confrontation between Gemma and Tina. And Galgani thinks of farewell

Yet another fight between Men and Women between Gemma and Tina Cipollari, while Galgani thinks of the farewell to the show

The quarrels between Gemma Galgani and Tina Cipollari are now on the agenda and tend to degenerate more and more. The last one, which broke out in the study of men and women, ended with insults and arrows. Once again the reason for the discussion is the presence of the Turin lady in the program and her lack of interest in suitors.

Years have passed since Gemma first entered the study of Men and Women, but since then she has never been able to find true love. In the Over Throne, couples, knights and ladies have followed, but she has always remained on the show, remaining single. First the story with Ennio, which ended after the engagement, then the one with Remo, finally the love story with Giorgio Manetti that has fascinated (and still fascinates) the television audience.

The last flirtation in chronological order is the one with Rocco, who ended in the worst way after she refused to spend the night together during the special entitled La Decisione. "You are sitting there to pick up ** all of Italy" thundered Tina, attacking her rival. In fact, the opinionist is convinced that Gemma is dating Salvatore just to stay on the program, even if she is not interested in him.

"I feel comfortable with him, but we haven't exchanged any kisses," explained Galgani, infuriating Tina. "Salvatore dislikes" he thundered, finding the consent of the public, who seems to be on his side.

In the meantime, according to rumors, Gemma is thinking of saying goodbye to men and women. After the break with Giorgio Manetti, in fact, the Turin lady did not find anyone who made her heart beat faster, for this reason she may not participate in the next edition of the Over Throne.

In this case, however, Maria De Filippi would have already prepared a new plan for her, including it in the program as a commentator, perhaps alongside Tina Cipollari, to give life to new sparkling discussions and controversies.

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