U&D, the previews: Gemma clashes with Tina and Sophie goes out with a suitor

U&D, the previews: Gemma clashes with Tina and Sophie goes out with a suitor

According to the first details regarding the recordings, the Lady of Turin, despite a new acquaintance, would still be jealous of Sirius

Who is Sophie Codegoni, the new tronista of Men and Women

There are now very few left to return to the air of the episodes of Men & Women. For the season that is about to open, Maria De Filippi, as is well known, has thought of a great novelty: the fusion between Classic Throne and Throne Over, with a scene in the studio that, as you can read on a post published on 'official Instagram account of the program, is completely renewed.

Waiting to see the episodes, we already know something about the advances. In fact, on Friday 4 September 2020, the recordings of the dating show took place. The Il Vicolo delle News website has provided several details on this.

According to what was revealed by the portal, Gemma Galgani, the Lady of Turin, would be starting the acquaintance with a new Knight, Mister Lamas. From the columns of Il Vicolo delle News, there is also talk of a clash, which also occurred during the recording, between the historic Lady of the Throne Over and Tina Cipollari.

Galgani, despite the new acquaintance in progress, would still be jealous of Nicola Vivarelli, alias Sirius. To annoy her, above all, the young Tuscan's interest in Valentina Autiero (an external player was scheduled for them which Vivarelli refused).

Apparently, several girls intending to meet Sirius would also show up in the studio. Vivarelli, again on the basis of what was revealed on the pages of Il Vicolo delle News, would have said, in this circumstance, that he was still interested in the Turin Lady.

What to say instead of Sophie Codegoni, the very young new tronista who has enchanted social media? The 18-year-old Milanese girl, based on what can be read in the aforementioned advances, went out with Facundo, a South American suitor.

He, initially, would have shown more interest in Jessica, a 29-year-old Roman tattoo artist, mother of a 4-year-old child. After an outsider, however, he would have realized that he was more inclined to start an acquaintance with Sophie.

However, the Capitoline tronista did not allow herself to be beaten down and, according to the previews, she would have gone out with the suitors Davide and Simone. At this point, all that remains is to wait for the broadcast of the episode and the new chapter of the most famous dating show on Italian TV!

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