Uncle and nephew: 5 things that only an uncle can understand (and do with pleasure)

Uncle and nephew: 5 things that only an uncle can understand (and do with pleasure)

Being an uncle leads to indisputable advantages: let's see together the most immediate and the least

When your brother or sister decides to give birth to a small and adorable little animal, they will never know that their uncle has the thankless, albeit pleasant, task of pampering him, buying toys, clothes, candies, sweets and everything he wants, as if there was no tomorrow. You have certainly planned to learn it with all the knowledge acquired during your life, more or less "decent".

If you destroy half the house in an attempt to play football, you can easily blame him without anyone having the slightest suspicion. Not only that, you could even destroy the picture so loved by your sister, the one in the living room of her wedding, with the photo enlarged and with an old frame, and blame him. Everything will go smoothly. Contraindications: guilt.

You can play with his toys without arousing suspicion. You were dying to play with toy cars, Lego, plush toys and small dragons again. This is the perfect excuse. You have to let the baby play and unfortunately (so to speak) he loves remote controlled cars. So when, when your parents return, you will be at home, specially transformed into a combat track, don't worry, nobody will suspect that maybe the baby is sleeping in the room.

If you are uncles (males) you can take quiet walks in the park, as well as single fathers or men with a four-legged puppy, you will massacre lonely hearts. It is a kind of divine law for which a woman who walks in the park with a child becomes comparable to a mosquito repellent, while a man walking with a child becomes the responsible, affectionate and caring one, the ideal partner.

Then suddenly it happens that, during a game, while you are eating, when you least expect it, a spark of pure ecstasy lights up in your eyes. It explodes into a thunderous laugh and your uncle's pride grows. Because after all, nothing matters anymore except his happiness and being an uncle has never been more beautiful than in that moment.

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