Useful tricks to know to ripen an unripe avocado

A versatile fruit that we can use for both sweet and savory recipes: here are the tricks to ripen an unripe avocado.

Between more versatile fruits in the kitchen we certainly find theavocado, fleshy and with a substantial and rich pulp, we can appreciate it in many sweet and savory recipes. In fact, avocado is also widely used to prepare delicious salads.

to ripen avocado

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But not only that, let’s think aboutavocado toast or poke which are now so fashionable and allow us to have a quick lunch or dinner in a single dish. Despite having South American origins, the avocado is now also grown in southern Italy.

However, one of the drawbacks that can happen when we want to use it to prepare our recipes is that theavocado is still too unripe: then we discover i tricks to ripen the avocado.

Unripe avocado: Here are the tricks to ripen the fruit

Avocado is a fruit rich in nutrients. With countless properties, it is also a valuable source of omega-3s, the so-called good fats. But also vitamins and minerals. That is why it is often used in many recipes.

to ripen avocado

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The pulp can be blended or spread but also cut into strips or cubes. However, it is important that it is well ripe otherwise we risk making the whole recipe unpleasant. But what if the avocado we bought is still unripe?

Let’s find out what the tricks are for let the avocado mature so that you can savor it in its full flavor and above all in order to be able to peel it correctly and without wasting too much time. Here is the lightning-fast method to do it perfectly.

In the meantime, let’s say that in order to taste the avocado at its best, we will have to open it when it has reached the right degree of ripeness. If indeed it is unripe it is not good and if it is too ripe it will be pulped.

Here are some of the more effective methods to ripen avocado in a short time.

1) Put it in contact with apples. As we all know, apples are able to ripen other fruits. In fact, climacteric fruits have this characteristic. Not only apples, but also bananas are like this they do nothing but activate a gas, ethylene, which is able to trigger the ripening process of fruit and vegetables and accelerate it. Putting an underripe avocado inside a paper bag, such as those used to preserve bread, together with an apple or a banana, the avocado will reach maturity quite quickly.

2) “Cook it” in the oven. As we all know, avocado is a fruit that can be tasted raw but if we have purchased an avocado that is too hard and above all not very ripe and we have to use it immediately, here we can try with this simple trick. Just cut the avocado in half and remove the core, then wrap it in a sheet of aluminum foil or baking paper and cook it for about 15 minutes at a temperature as low as 90 ° -100 ° C. Once the time has elapsed, we remove it from the oven and let it cool. Then we use it for our preparations.

Obviously this second solution is to be used only if the avocado is to be consumed immediately. Otherwise it is always preferable to enjoy it raw, much tastier, but also richer in nutrients.

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