Vanessa Incontrada triumphs at the Seat Music Awards and Sanremo 2021 is getting closer and closer


Vanessa Incontrada and Carlo Conti spark the first night of the Seat Music Awards. And the show with Amadeus could be a prelude to the Festival

Seat Music Awards 2020: Vanessa Incontrada, Carlo Conti and the super stars

Vanessa Incontrada and Carlo Conti make a furore with the Seat Music Awards. It was to be expected given last year's success. The singing kermesse works on television, the next appointment on Rai 1 will be for the final evening on September 5th.

And so the beautiful Vanessa and Carlo obtained a 22.2% share, reaching an average of 4 million viewers: a real triumph. In practice, the Seat Music Awards outperformed the competition, reaching the most popular broadcast of the evening with a large margin on all other programs.

Undoubtedly thanks to the nicest TV couple of the moment and the overwhelming beauty of the Incontrada who enchanted everyone with a splendid black dress. And as she revealed on Instagram shortly before the evening, it didn't take long to get dressed up as a few hours after her debut she was still in pajamas and slippers.

So, an excellent start for the musical event that saw many super guests alternate on stage, such as Claudio Baglioni, Emma Marrone, Biagio Antonacci, Alessandra Amoroso, Tiziano Ferro, Ligabue, Gianna Nannini, Zucchero, Andrea Bocelli and Elisa, Riccardo Cocciante, Fiorella Mannoia, Francesco De Gregori, Antonello Venditti, Gianni Morandi and Eros Ramazzotti. The show continues until Saturday with other music greats, but only the last evening will be broadcast on TV. And other sparks are expected.

Meanwhile, for Vanessa, this success seems like a testing ground for Sanremo 2021. In fact, lately there have been several rumors that I want the Spanish actress and presenter alongside Amadeus and Fiorello at the next Festival. And the presenter of the Soliti ignoti was present at the Verona Arena. Carlo Conti promoted the candidacy of his professional partner, launching a not too veiled suggestion to Amadeus. The latter in fact, going up on stage, said he would have liked to embrace the Incontrada, but will have to wait for the end of the pandemic. And promptly Conti suggested to him: "You can do it in Sanremo". At that point the beautiful Vanessa intervened and put an end to the curtain with an ironic: "But stop it", addressed to Carlo.

Many compliments on the Instagram profile of the presenter, also from Mara Venier. Vanessa Incontrada is one of the most beloved faces on TV and someone writes to her: “Beautiful! You are a woman I respect very much! Beautiful smiling genuine and true! Long live life! "

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