Veronica Ruggeri and Nicolò De Devitiis, is love among the envoys of the Hyenas

Veronica Ruggeri and Nicolò De Devitiis, is love among the envoys of the Hyenas

Veronica Ruggeri and Nicolò De Devitiis are in love: on Instagram caresses and smiles among the envoys of the Hyenas

The love between Veronica Ruggeri and Nicolò De Devitiis, envoys of the Hyenas was born.

The two journalists were spotted together on more than one occasion, first at the Ultimo concert at the Olympic Stadium, then at that of Gazzelle, on Nicolò's 29th birthday. On the Veronica Ruggeri Instagram profile some videos appeared in which the couple has fun during the live, between hugs and smiles.

A love story that, according to the most knowledgeable, has been going on for some time, but that those directly interested would have decided to reveal only now. Nicolò De Devitiis is back from the relationship with Eleonora Pedron, ex of Max Biaggi, while Veronica Ruggeri has been linked for two years to Stefano Corti.

Today the ex found his smile next to Bianca Atzei, while some time ago there was talk of a flirtation, later denied, between the envoy of the Hyenas and Piero Barone of Il Volo, ex of Valentina Allegri. The reporter had made it clear that she was in love again, but had not revealed the lucky name.

Now it seems that his heart has started beating again for Nicolò, friend and colleague. Over the years, Ruggeri has carried out numerous reports against violence against women, while De Deviitis has been the protagonist of a controversial interview with the mother of Zaniolo, a Roma player.

Not only that, he also conducted Dance Dance Dance with Andrea Delogu and the Wind Music Awards with Alessia Marcuzzi. To unite them would have been their passion for music and a job that fascinates them.

A few years ago Nicolò ended up in hospital after being attacked during a service of the Hyenas, breaking two vertebrae. For now neither of the two has commented on the flirtation for now, but the fans are in turmoil and on Instagram they continue to ask the interested parties if there is really something tender. Everything is silent, but we will certainly find out soon.

Veronica Ruggeri and Nicolò De Devitiis – Facebook

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