Very happy evening, Noemi and the attacks of women on his metamorphosis


Guest of Pio and Amedeo's show, Noemi was able to remove a few pebbles from her shoes responding to the criticisms received for her weight loss

Noemi, the transformation of the singer

It has been said of her that she lost weight to adapt to the aesthetic canons of our time, that she is mentioned only for her metamorphosis and not for her music, that she changed her lifestyle only to please others. But Noemi, with the strength and determination that have always distinguished her, did not let herself be discouraged and responded in the way that suits her best: with a smile.

Irony is a great weapon and even with intelligence you can make fun of yourself, always with respect

Thus he made his debut in his speech at Felicissima sera. Guest of Pio and Amedeo, Noemi recounted the path that led her to lose weight, a path undertaken first of all for herself. And this is the message he wanted to send out: everyone can be free to be or become whatever they like, as long as this makes us happy.

I started training, went on a diet and then basically focused as a person. Sometimes you have to be a little discontented, because you understand what's wrong. I understood what I wanted to change and I did it.

There is a lot of talk about body positive these days and it is almost always understood as the acceptance of one's body as it is. A concept that in itself is fair and commendable, but which often leads to extremes that have nothing to do with health and true physical and mental well-being.

On the other hand, Noemi's message is deeper. It does not impose any canon, nor does it adapt to aesthetic dictates: it starts from becoming aware of what one wants to be; if being as you are doesn't feel good, do something; go deep, get to know yourself and find the strength to change what doesn't make you happy.

This is what she did, she dug into herself and wanted to change her life. That this aspect is talked about when it is invited on television programs or in interviews is only a media consequence, due – if you will – to the curiosity to find out what it is that triggered its metamorphosis. It is an aspect of private life, which as such is of interest, as happens when we talk about love stories, children or other more personal facets of a public figure.

There is nothing wrong with doing it, especially if the message you intend to send out is really positive.

In my opinion, it is necessary to start from us and from the fact that when one does something he does it for himself not for others. In addition, I was deeply sorry that there were so many women among the people who criticized me and the concept of sisterhood in this historical period is taking a strange course

And there is nothing more true. We talk more and more about women's issues, women's rights, solidarity and empowerment, but often it is women themselves who are responsible for the most ferocious criticisms, who are not teaming up, always ready to point the finger at other women.

The best answer was given by Noemi, finally quoting one of her famous songs: "I am much happier now because I feel that I am more who I would like to be. And to those who receive insults and offenses every day I would like to say to pretend nothing has happened because in the end they are just words “.

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