Very true, Argentero and Marino tell each other: "The first Christmas with Nina"

Verissimo, Argentero e la Marino si raccontano: “Il primo Natale con Nina”

Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino tell "Verissimo" about their first Christmas as parents

Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino, new parents of little Nina, spoke to Verissimo to tell the great emotion they are experiencing, even more so now that Christmas is approaching. For the first time together with Toffanin, they also revealed some funny anecdotes.

“We are sleepy” – began Cristina Marino, immediately finding herself at ease in Verissimo's sitting room (albeit only in a virtual way, since she and Argentero connected from their home). Tiredness and the great joy of looking after their little daughter alone are two sides of the same coin: since they became parents, they have experienced incredible emotions and faced the small and big daily problems of every couple – inevitable with of the stork, when the balance is upset.

Cristina and Luca have been living for some time now in their splendid country house, far from the chaos of the city. And they enjoy Nina, raising her in a simple way and dedicating all their time to her: “In the misfortune of living such a dramatic moment, we are lucky enough to be able to fully experience Nina. We are not working and we are both at home ”- explained Marino. On his partner he then revealed: “Luca is an incredible dad, we support each other a lot because we are alone. We are carving out an intimacy that perhaps in another condition it would have been difficult to find ".

Even Argentero, fresh from the great success of Doc – In your hands, is happy to have a slower pace and to be able to spend time with his family. The actor spent beautiful words for the woman he is in love with: "Life as a father is wonderful because there is a mother like Cristina, otherwise it wouldn't be the same thing. The secret is her. She is a wonderful woman and a fantastic mother ”.

The birth of their eldest daughter obviously brought great changes in the family: “We just don't exist, they don't even ask us how we are anymore” – joked Luca – “It's all projected on Nina. The gifts will be made only to her, the best wishes will be made only to her ". This will be their first Christmas as parents. Almost everything is ready: the atmosphere is incredible, the first gifts are already under the tree and our thoughts inevitably fly to the magic of the holidays that both lived in their childhood. But something is still missing: "Nina still hasn't got a Christmas present" – revealed Cristina.

Sure they will provide in the next few days, but at her age all she really needs is the warmth of her family. And a beautiful onesie with written in front of "My first Christmas", which Silvia Toffanin herself declared she wanted to give to the little girl. Because that "is an indelible memory in the life of every mom and dad", as the presenter revealed.

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