Very true, Belen and Maria Teresa Ruta guests of Silvia Toffanin

Verissimo, Belen e Maria Teresa Ruta ospiti di Silvia Toffanin

In the living room of "Verissimo" Belen Rodriguez, Maria Teresa Ruta and Ilaria D'Amico tell each other

On February 20 Silvia Toffanin presents the new episode of Verissimo. The presenter will host numerous VIPs in the studio of the television program who will talk about each other with the usual sincerity. Belen Rodriguez is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated guests. The Argentine showgirl will speak for the first time on TV about her pregnancy and her new love for Antonino Spinalbese.

After the painful farewell to Stefano De Martino, the model found her smile next to the hairstylist and is now five months pregnant. She will soon give birth to her second child, starting a brand new chapter in her life and giving her eldest son Santiago a little sister. “I dreamed it was a girl – he revealed to Silvia Toffanin -. It will be called Luna Marie and will be born in the summer. I hope she looks like me, I can't wait to make her many braids […] I had stopped believing in love. Today I want it to last forever, I will never find a person like Antonino again ”.

The showgirl also revealed some details about her relationship with Antonino: “I got pregnant by mistake. When Antonino and I discovered it we were thrilled that it had happened. We didn't expect it, also because it was really too early, but then we realized it wasn't that bad because we were madly in love. Unfortunately, after four days I lost the baby. We were terrible. This made us understand, however, that we very much wanted a child. Fortunately, the following month arrived ”.

Do not miss Silvia Toffanin's interview with Maria Teresa Ruta. The presenter was among the most loved and followed contestants of Big Brother Vip. A Verissimo la Ruta will talk about his stay in the Cinecittà House, also recounting the clash with Stefania Orlando and Tommaso Zorzi, competitors with whom he had initially created a special bond. There is also space for Rocco Casalino, the spokesman for former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who has recently published a book. An intimate and very personal story that will thrill the audience.

Finally, at Verissimo there will be Ilaria D'Amico and the singer Antonio Aiello. The journalist and Buffon's companion will tell a dramatic and difficult chapter in her life, while the artist will tell her story on television for the first time.

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