Very true, Belen Rodriguez is moved: the new exciting life with Luna Marì

Very true, Belen Rodriguez is moved: the new exciting life with Luna Marì

Belen Rodriguez revealed herself in Silvia Toffanin’s living room to Verissimo: she talked about her second time as a mother

The first guest at Verissimo is very special: Belen Rodriguez has granted Silvia Toffanin her first interview as a “mother” for the second time. During the episode she appeared visually excited and let herself go to tears, being moved by the beauty of Luna, the joy of Santiago and the love of Antonino Spinalbese, with whom she found a smile.

“I am so happy, babies are such a fragile stuff, you stay there all the time looking at them. I can’t wait for you to start interacting a little more. Obviously I’m totally in love ”. Sitting in Toffanin’s living room, we saw a reborn, happy Belen. And her story, unfiltered, moved us: in tears, she observed the photos of Luna Marì, the video message from Santiago. A movie full of love.

“The birth went very well. I want every woman to get an epidural because I didn’t even scream. There was only a sigh. The pregnancy, on the other hand, was tough, I had a lot of nausea, I was very down. Antonino fainted during childbirth. He is a wonderful father, he wakes up more at night than I do ”. He has only words of love for his new partner, with whom he celebrated his first anniversary in the name of oysters and champagne.

“Compared to Santiago, I enjoy it more. It’s been nine years, I was younger. I want to spend more time with her, because eventually you get more selfish as you get older ”. With Luna Marì, he is having an adventure, but he has not totally revolutionized his life. Despite everything, he did not want to put his work aside, but rather knew how to get back into the game.

“I went back to work after seven days, I arrived in the studio in a wheelchair. Then I ended up in an ambulance with infusions. I really risked it, I went into complete dehydration ”. He also urged all mothers not to take care to get back in shape, but to take their time. There are no health deadlines.

When Toffanin pressed her, Belen did not withdraw. “I think I don’t do others. Santiago initially wanted a boy, but then said he would be the only little man in the house. He is very good, he is protective: a child of superior sensitivity and intelligence, and I don’t say it because I’m his mother ”. And on Antonino, Belen did not spare herself. He said he gets along very well with his father. “I want it to be him forever”. And we really hope that this is the case.

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