Very true, Ginevra Elkann: "A series on the women of the Agnelli family"

Alpha generation, a portrait of our future

Gianni Agnelli's granddaughter told some background about grandfather Gianni and his family. And he confessed to having a good project in the drawer

Ginevra Elkann is among the guests of the latest episode of Verissimo, which wished to pay homage to life senator Gianni Agnelli, who would have turned 100 on 12 March.

The granddaughter of the former Fiat owner had the opportunity to share with Silvia Toffanin some background on the life of her grandfather, a man who made history. "I think he is a very important figure also for the history of the country, of the industry, he has brought a lot of Italy abroad. Both he and my grandmother were important figures, ”said Ginevra.

A presence, that of Gianni Agnelli, so charismatic that it cannot go unnoticed, both outside and at home: "The energy that he had and carried with him is missing. When he arrived he was like a whirlwind, everything changed and a day seemed like a month to you for how many things you did. We were all caught up in him, making him happy, being with him. It was a presence that encompassed you completely ”.

A man who despite being among the most powerful in Italy, still managed to divide himself between work – a lot – and family, trying to make quality prevail over the quantity of the relationship with his children, as Ginevra recounts: "I remember well the relationship of my grandfather with my mother, he was affectionate, he made surprises, he had a great sense of family. He always found the time, even five minutes, to be with us, with the children. He was a very busy person, but when he was there he felt, there was a lot of affection. He knew how to live, have fun and follow his passions. Watch him and witness his way of doing things well, even in hobbies. He was curious, he had curiosity for everything and everyone, that was his way of seeing life ”.

During the interview with Silvia Toffanin, Ginevra Elkann also had the opportunity to talk about the relationship with her brothers, John and Lapo, her best friends: "What happens to you when you travel a lot, change country, is that you become very independent core. Your true friends, the ones you are always with are your brothers. They are your confidants, they understand you, they know everything about you ”.

In the future of Geneva, which has always been passionate about cinema and interested in directing, there is also an important project, a dream in the drawer that could soon come true.

"I am developing together with Lorenzo Mieli a series on Lambs, but seen through the eyes of the women of the family – she announced – I like the idea of ​​telling this family that has been told a lot from the male point of view, but which has also many strong women, especially for the historical context in which they lived. Telling my grandfather through the eyes of his mother or his sisters is also something that I really like, we are working on it ”.

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