Very true, Leonardo reveals the secrets of Amici's school after his farewell

Very true, Leonardo reveals the secrets of Amici's school after his farewell

Leonardo reveals the secrets of the "Amici 2021" school to "Verissimo" after the farewell to the program

Leonardo Lamacchia confesses to Verissimo's microphones, talking about his experience at Amici 2021 and revealing the secrets of the most famous school in Italy. The singer left the show hosted by Maria De Filippi in the second episode and is now preparing to continue his career in the world of music.

Successful artist and great friend of Ermal Meta, Leonardo was among the most appreciated protagonists of Amici. In the school the singer had created a special relationship with Giulia, a dancer now engaged to Sangiovanni. A bond, the one with the young woman, which will probably last even away from the cameras and about which Leonardo will speak to Verissimo. In the past, the singer had already claimed to have an excellent relationship with Giulia and to cheer for her in the race towards the final victory.

“It helped me a lot – he confessed to ComingSoon -. Giulia has the gift of lightheartedness, she manages to make you live every situation lightly. He is a person who is enthusiastic about life. I have absolutely not felt the age difference. At first I was a bit biased, but then I changed my mind. It was wonderful to find people like that, especially Giulia. She is beautiful inside and out, then when she dances she transforms and this is very fascinating. Tommaso was also a point of reference for me in the school. They made it easier for me. Giulia, she really deserves it. She is very good at dancing, she has been loved by everyone. He has all the credentials to win. Samuele is also an artist, a choreographer and a crazy dancer. There is art, aware and studied behind everything he does ".

Leonardo Lamacchia's farewell had left Amici in the second episode of the evening, after a journey marked by the support of coach Anna Pettinelli, convinced of his talent. "I want to thank everyone, from the first to the last! – he wrote shortly after the deletion on Instagram – First of all Maria, a one-of-a-kind woman with a disarming humanity; all the editorial staff, the vocal coaches and my fellow adventurers. In the end I left all of you who are following me and are listening to my music ”.

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