Very true, Lorella Boccia and Nicolò Presta: revealed the sex of the baby

Very true, Lorella Boccia and Nicolò Presta: revealed the sex of the baby

Lorella Boccia, guest at "Verissimo", tells her love story and the pregnancy she is experiencing

It is with a radiant smile and a lot of emotion that Lorella Boccia, a guest in the living room of Verissimo, spoke about her first pregnancy. The gorgeous dancer took advantage of the opportunity to reveal the baby's sex live, with a surprise that moved the audience.

“I'm very happy, even though I haven't actually realized it yet. However, by now I have entered the fourth month, I am living it ”- said Lorella, as she enters Verissimo's studio. Beautiful, the dancer wore a long red dress that wrapped her slightly rounded belly: her curves are becoming softer and softer as the waist she carries in her womb grows. And Boccia is already thinking about what it will be like once she becomes a mother: “Mine has always been a strong woman, she raised two girls alone. I would certainly like to be as strong as she was ”.

Briefly retracing the love story with Niccolò Presta, the dancer described him in beautiful words: "He courted me a lot, he waited 5 months before kissing me, he was very patient". Yet, at first he had made it clear without giving false hope to Lorella: "When I met him, after a month he said to me: 'I love you, you are the woman of my life, but I have to tell you a what because at least you're ready. I don't want to marry you and I don't want children. ' It was very clear ”.

Today Boccia cannot help but smile at his convictions: "A consistent person, because the following year he asked me to marry him and now I'm pregnant. Love changes, and now he is the happiest man in the world ". Lorella and her husband discovered they were pregnant just a few months ago, and it was an incredible surprise. The dancer wanted to give Niccolò news in a special way, so she secretly filmed that tender moment. "I told him the same way his mother Manuela told her father, Lucio Presta, to expect a child".

Needless to say, Niccolò was very excited to learn that he would soon become a father. And he expressed his preference right from the start: "He wanted a baby girl, in all these months he forced me to talk to the female belly". His wish was granted. Lorella announced live to Verissimo that she is expecting a girl, giving a beautiful surprise to viewers.

Before concluding the interview, Silvia Toffanin also wanted to quickly retrace Boccia's career, right from the success it had at Amici. "I don't know how to say thanks to Maria De Filippi, what I am today I owe to her" – admitted Lorella, with great emotion.

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