Very true: Luca Argentero, Paola Perego and the other guests of Silvia Toffanin

Everything is ready for the new episode of Verissimo: as always, the list of prestigious guests of Silvia Toffanin is very long

All set for the new episode of Verissimo. Great guests are expected as every Saturday in Silvia Toffanin's TV lounge.

In the episode of September 28th, as always, great characters from the entertainment and gossip world will take turns telling each other about themselves with the presenter. The highly anticipated interview with Luca Argentero, sex symbol, as well as a very talented actor, is experiencing a golden moment both in his film career and in his private life.

At the center of the interview, very intense, there will be new film commitments but also and above all the revelations about his private life and the relationship with his girlfriend, Cristina Marino with whom Luca Argentero, after the painful break with Myriam Catania, is living by time a great love story that, according to rumors, could lead to marriage very soon.

Another protagonist of the Italian entertainment world, highly anticipated in the new episode of the Toffanin show, is one of the television queens: Paola Perego. Beloved Rai presenter of great experience and great character, Perego is known and appreciated both for her skill and for her frankness. The one with her will therefore be an interview in which the guest will answer the questions of the landlady surely with no hair on her tongue, with the usual sincerity and determination.

An absolute exclusive of the Channel 5 Saturday afternoon talk show will be to host one of the most beautiful showbiz couples. Saturday 28 September at Verissimo, the former velina Federica Nargi and her partner, the former footballer Alessandro Matri, arrive in television for the first time together, who will talk about their beautiful and lasting love story and their wonderful family .

In the studio, in addition, the singer Fabrizio Moro is expected, an artist able to touch the hearts of many fans with his songs. Then there will be a character that many viewers remember and still follow with affection, Rosanna Lambertucci, who will open up, telling her life between joys and sorrows.

The series of great women of Italian sport interviewed by the lady of the house also continues: this time it will be up to the fencing champion Elisa Di Francisca to answer Silvia Toffanin's questions, in a chat that will reveal the more private side of the athlete that she will see in the studio with the presenter for the first time the most exciting images of her recent marriage.

Not even this week, apparently, there will be Prati who, according to rumors, should have returned to the show, but she would have refused a very high cachet, preferring "It's not the Arena of Giletti".

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