Very true, Rula Jebreal: the battles for women and the wounds of the past

Verissimo, Rula Jebreal: le battaglie per le donne e le ferite del passato

Rula Jebreal was interviewed on "Verissimo": she talked about the battles for women and the wounds of her past

Among the guests of the afternoon of Canale 5, Silvia Toffanin welcomed Rula Jebreal, a journalist and writer who has always fought for women's rights, in her studio, connected from Miami.

A touching interview, which allowed her to launch messages of great impact aimed at all women who do not have a voice and who cannot live the life they deserve. Because even today there are too many who live in a condition of oppression: this is why Jebreal stressed how important it is today to network, because it gives power to other women and to all those who have not yet found their place in society.

Rula Jebreal brought to Verissimo the story of her mother, who, like many others, had to endure abuse and violence at a very young age. The story of Nadia, Rula's mother, unfortunately still today is not the exception but a sad reality that is hard to fight. As the journalist recalled, rapes almost always take place at home: the most powerful weapon we have is that of reporting, which is essential for breaking the circle of violence and abuse of which many women are often victims. Unfortunately, however, Nadia's story did not have a happy ending:

When a woman reports like my mother did, if you don't believe her the damage becomes double. My mother committed suicide because she suffered two injustices: one from the rapist, the other from the society that denied her justice.

The disappearance of the mother left deep wounds in Rula, which, of course, are impossible to forget. The stigma of rape left her with a great sense of shame:

The silence that was imposed on my mother was also indirectly imposed on me. For many years I was ashamed, I wanted to be considered for what I was able to do. I never got rid of my personal history, but I only got hold of it a few years ago, when I was able to talk about it for the first time.

Today Rula, after having lived traumatic but also hardening experiences (such as the years in the orphanage that made her understand how important it is to take care of others), in addition to being a great journalist, is a proud mother. Miral, who is now 24 years old, is his "conscience":

My daughter has always advised and encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone. It is she who helped me to speak to a larger audience, to speak to everyone's heart (…) At a certain point, however, I felt liberated: I began to speak not only of the others, but I took possession of my story, and Sanremo was that moment.

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