Very true, Zorzi breaks the silence on Stanzani: “An unexpected love”

Tommaso Zorzi

Guest at “Verissimo”, Tommaso Zorzi makes his story with Stanzani official in all respects and tells how it all began

Stefania Orlando: the relationship with Zorzi and the dream of a return to TV

After leaving the House of Big Brother Vip, it took him a few days to meet love: Tommaso Zorzi has been romantically involved with Tommaso Stanzani for 6 months, and Verissimo granted their first couple interview, officially breaking the silence on their history. In Silvia Toffanin’s sitting room, they finally told something about how it all began.

Tommaso Zorzi, love for Stanzani

Young, beautiful and in love: Tommaso Zorzi (Tommy for friends) and Tommaso Stanzani (Tommino, given his young age) were guests in the studio at Verissimo, to talk about their splendid and very romantic story. The Canale 5 show had its part in making this love possible, since the former gieffino was enchanted by Stanzani’s interview and had therefore decided to contact him on Instagram to get to know him. Therefore, it could only be Silvia Toffanin who gathered their very first couple’s confidences.

“I can finally say that I got engaged to Tommy, I’m very happy” – revealed Zorzi, making this relationship official in all respects which, until now, had only been consecrated on social media – “This will be the first and perhaps the last interview together, because these are things that are nice to do only once “. Both very reserved, they shared several photos together on Instagram, but never publicly talked about their love. Now that the opportunity has come, I’m a raging river.

“It was something totally unexpected, I’m super happy” – admitted Tommaso Stanzani, a very young former Amici dancer. The first step was taken by Zorzi, who told of a meeting in Milan during which the spark immediately took off. Almost love at first sight, even if the dancer had initially remained on his own: “I was a little afraid that he was such a well-known character. There was a bit of anxiety, but as soon as I saw him he immediately presented himself well ”. The former gieffino managed to conquer him with a close courtship, which took little to break down the boy’s barriers.

Tommaso Zorzi after the GF Vip

In fact, Zorzi saw his life completely turned upside down in just a year. Galeotto was the GF Vip, which allowed him to become very famous on the television scene – so much so that he won a place as a columnist on Canale 5 and then as a host of a web show. The experience inside the most spied on house in Italy was undoubtedly important: he established great relationships, some of which continued even outside Cinecittà (such as the one with Stefania Orlando). While with other former roommates he never spoke again.

This is the case of Francesco Oppini: their bond had made everyone dream, but once the adventure at GF Vip ended their friendship cooled down. “I haven’t heard from him since this summer” – admitted Tommaso Zorzi, even though he confessed to rethinking him from time to time. But in recent months he has mainly dedicated himself to his young love: the summer months have been full of fun, always on vacation with Stanzani. And looking at some pictures of those beautiful moments, the former gieffino couldn’t help but be moved a little.

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