Vignali, the criticisms of the weight and the harsh outburst on Instagram

Vignali, the criticisms of the weight and the harsh outburst on Instagram

Valentina Vignali responded to the offenses received because of her weight. Another athlete was also forced to defend herself

Valentina Vignali is known for her frank and sincere character. He did not have to think much, therefore, before answering the criticisms he receives, now, daily because of his physical appearance. So she let herself go to a hard outburst on Instagram.

It is well known, in fact, that during the participation in Big Brother, Vignali, partly because of the reduced possibility of exercising and partly because of the difficulty in following a diet appropriate to her needs, gained weight.

The basketball player, on the other hand, admitted that she had put on about 12 kg during her stay in the most spied house in Italy and was never ashamed to show her new shapes. On the contrary, he took the opportunity to convey a positive message, inviting his fans to follow a healthy lifestyle and accept their appearance.

After finishing the experience in reality TV, Valentina started following a diet and practicing a lot of physical activity. This was not enough, however, to stop comments full of hatred and malice that appear under each post published by the basketball player.

Vignali, therefore, exploded and decided to answer her haters for rhymes, stressing that she had never modified her photos and affirming that she was returning to her initial weight. A very hard outburst, with which the girl wants to put an end to all controversies.

The insults on the physical aspect, however, did not only affect the basketball player. Increasingly, on the web, we witness real explosions of malice. In fact, another athlete also had to intervene, deleting some comments under his posts, to protect younger users.

This is Carlotta Ferlito, artistic gymnastics champion and influencer, who admitted to having received several offenses in the past:

I don't want to argue, the people who follow me are smart enough to avoid these comments. Don't worry about me, these comments on fitness don't touch me. But there are people who feel bad and I know that I am followed by many teenagers and I would like to be an example for them.

Therefore, both athletes had to defend themselves and their followers from insults on their physical appearance. Will their words be enough to end criticism and offense?

Valentina Vignali – Source: Instagram

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