Violent GF, D’Urso announces very serious measures and launches the hashtag #iononcisto

Violent GF, D’Urso announces very serious measures and launches the hashtag #iononcisto

After the violent quarrel between Baye Dame and Aida at the GF15, Barbara D'Urso announced serious measures

Grande Fratello 15 becomes violent and Barbara D’Urso announces serious measures, launching the hashtag #iononcisto.

The clash between Aida Nizar and Baye Dame did not appeal to viewers at all and to the production of the show, which could now choose to release the boy from Cinecittà. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the near fight would have broken out due to a very futile reason: a cup of tiramisu that the Spanish wanted to eat alone and not with the rest of the group.

The attitude of Aida, who as soon as she entered the house broke all the balance, did not like Baye Dame, who lost her head. "Face of ca ** o, you sfonno, leverage those disgusting hands" were some of the phrases addressed by the competitor to the Spanish, without counting the gesture of the gun on the temple, which made many viewers shudder, who on social media have heavily criticized the attitude of the boy.

Barbara D’Urso confessed to following the dispute and being upset by the physical and verbal violence of the gieffino, so much so as to have asked for serious production measures, as announced on Instagram. "I followed the daytime and at a certain point I saw this horrendous thing that happened, very ugly, this violent attack by Baye against Aida – the Big Brother presenter explained -. Obviously for me verbal violence any Baye physicist is unacceptable. Yesterday I asked the GF to take measures that will soon be communicated. Serious measures, because I'm not there ”.

Cristiano Malgioglio also spoke on the question. The GF15 columnist has always criticized Aida Nizar, but on this occasion he has chosen to take his side. "Baye too aggressive, I don't like it at all – he wrote on Instagram -. Use too much bullying against Aida and I personally will not allow this. Be careful not to give wrong messages ”.

We'll see what happens in the next few hours, when the production of Big Brother 15 will release an official statement on the issue. After this stance by Barbara D’Urso it is not excluded that Baye Dame could be disqualified because of his aggressive attitude which scared not only Aida Nizar, but also all the other tenants.

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