Vitamin C: effects, foods in which to find it and how to take it

Vitamin C: effects, foods in which to find it and how to take it

This episode of "Daily Health Pills" explains the importance of vitamin C for the body and how to take the right quantities

Vitamin C is particularly abundant in citrus fruits and tomatoes, but it is contained in numerous other foods. The problem is that the vitamin C content in foods decreases significantly due to cooking and the type of preservation.

What is it for

Vitamin C performs important functions in numerous enzymatic redox actions that use oxygen and is also involved in numerous biochemical systems, such as the synthesis of collagen, our supporting tissue.

Vitamin C also promotes the absorption of iron and prevents the accumulation of stamina, that is, the substance that controls various allergic substances. Finally, it is very important for the proper functioning of the cells of the immune system that have the task of defending us from infections and has a protective effect on the stomach mucosa.

How to take vitamin C

Since vitamin C plays a key role, it is essential to supply it to the body in the right amount. But eating fruit and vegetables is not always enough. If it is true that it is found in foods such as kiwis, citrus fruits, strawberries, berries and vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, parsley, etc., it is equally proven that the quantity promised by the nutritional tables does not always remain on the plate and therefore may be available our body.

Ascorbic acid, the scientific name for vitamin C, is extremely sensitive to elements that can alter it. For example, it happens after exposure to light or with long storage in the refrigerator, as well as with cooking.

A few hours of permanence in the saucers, can halve the amount of vitamin C in a fruit salad. By steaming, you can lose up to 40% of vitamin C in vegetables. By cooking in water you get to lose 70% of it.

In any case, it is important to consume fruit and vegetables, preferably fresh and it should be remembered that the Mediterranean diet is essential to also have the quantities of vitamin C necessary for our well-being.

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