Vittoria Schisano comments on the quarrel with Serena Bortone on Instagram

Vittoria Schisano comments on the quarrel with Serena Bortone on Instagram

After the fight in the episode of "Today is another day" with Serena Bortona, Vittoria Schisano comments on Instagram

Who is Vittoria Schisano, the competitor of Dancing with the Stars

Vittoria Schisano comments on Instagram about the quarrel with Serena Bortone on Today is another day. The last weekly episode of the program was marked by a discussion between the presenter and her guest. The contestant of Dancing with the Stars told herself with the usual delicacy and sincerity, also talking about her change and a difficult past.

Shortly after, Bortone showed a small clip of Tutto tutto niente, a film by Antonio Albanese released in 2012, the year in which Vittoria's transition had not yet finished. “I don't like this clip – he explained -. I made this film because, like everything, I also had to pay the mortgage. I don't like this clip because a woman is really resolved when a director calls me to do a mom, a nun, a saleswoman. I would not have put this clip today because we talked about Donato, my partner, my future … What need is there to put that clip where it says: "I am a female? I'm Vittoria Anastasio! " It's a stuff that bothers me. […] Why did you take this clip and not other clips? ”.

The presenter talked about the choices of the author who had followed that segment of the program and a question and answer was born between Vittoria Schisano and Serena Bortone. "They are interviews that try to make people understand their path", explained the journalist, but the actress replied: "Inviting someone and putting that clip in front of them is not nice. If I invite a person to lunch, I ask: "Do you eat meat, do you eat fish, do you eat bread?" I don't embarrass you… ".

"They tell me that they warned you about the other clip, from the previous film – added Bortone -. I say this because I also defend the work of the people who work here ”. And Schisano replied: "I think that before defending the people who work with you you should put your guests at ease".

Shortly after the episode of Today is another day, Vittoria Schisano commented on Instagram what happened, sharing the many messages of support that arrived at the end of the battle live. “Vittoria Schisano asphalts with all the refinement of the world those who lack respect”, we read or “Vittoria I love you, this country is not yet ready, unfortunately, it is dull, slow, closed, aggressive and at times presumptuous. It takes a lot, too much patience, but you have shown that you have it and that you have many other talents, keep it up ”.

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