Water retention: here are the useful tricks to eliminate it between diet and healthy habits

Water retention: here are the useful tricks to eliminate it between diet and healthy habits

Water retention is a problem that affects one in three women: here are the useful tricks to eliminate it and have lighter legs.

When the warm season returns, the searches on Google that refer in particular to diet and water retention. A disorder that afflicts one in three women and which is often difficult to get rid of.

water retention tricks

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In addition to causing an aesthetic problem, water retention is also very annoying as it causes a sense of swelling and heaviness in the lower limbs. This is why it is important, where there is a need, to be evaluated by a doctor before trying to solve it with natural methods that can still be useful.

So avoid major physical problems or more serious health causes, here’s how you can fight water retention starting from diet and healthy habits: let’s find out the useful tricks.

Here are the tricks to combat and eliminate water retention

With the arrival of the milder climate here comes the problem of water retention. Swollen and heavy legs and difficulty draining fluids. A very common ailment that can affect everyone but that affects women in particular.

water retention tricks

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But what does water retention depend on? The There are various causes: from a low-protein diet to excessive consumption of salt, to a sedentary lifestyle but also to carrying out activities standing up for many hours. Furthermore, it can depend on the consumption of alcohol, smoking, or caffeine-based stimulants. Not only that, even the use of high heels can lead to water retention.

But what are the tricks to combat water retention? Let’s find out.

1) Good habits. In the meantime, the first thing to do is to avoid all those common mistakes that inevitably lead to stagnation of liquids. So the first things to get rid of are smoking, alcohol, tight clothes and high heels and a sedentary lifestyle.

2) Reduce your consumption of salt. Using too much salt the body will retain fluids, this happens because the body tends to maintain the osmotic balance between the blood and the lymphatic system. WHO recommends not to exceed 2 grams of sodium per day, or 5 grams of salt.

3) Drink more water. Water helps fight water retention because it dilutes the salt, favoring its elimination with urine and sweat. It also promotes blood fluidity. In addition to water, you can also eat fruit and vegetables. Both foods are rich in water and antioxidants.

4) Choose the right carbohydrates. Eliminate sugar and sweets, but also soft drinks. Instead, we introduce whole grains that also contain vitamins and minerals.

5) Introduce protein every day. If they are missing, the retention can get worse. It does not mean that we must take them only from meat but rather we will also have to take them from vegetable sources such as legumes.

6) Take potassium. It regulates the flow of water in and out of the cells and helps us to dispose of excess fluids. We find it in many fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, peaches, apricots, strawberries and tomatoes.

7) Vitamin B6 ally to fight retention. It is found in chickpeas, peanuts, whole grains such as oats, but also white meat, banana, tuna and salmon.

8) Take Vitamin C. We find it mainly in fruits such as citrus fruits, kiwis, strawberries and raspberries, but also in vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, salad and so on. In addition to being anti-inflammatory, it reduces pressure and performs a protective function against the capillaries.

9) Exercise. A sedentary lifestyle does not help fight retention so an active lifestyle is what it takes to get rid of excess fluids.

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