Watermelon diet: deflate your belly and lose up to 5 kilos

Watermelon diet: deflate your belly and lose up to 5 kilos

Losing weight is very easy thanks to the watermelon diet, which allows you to lose at least 5 kg and deflate your belly

Fresh, tasty and with a high slimming power: the watermelon is the ideal fruit to deflate the belly and lose weight up to 5 kg.

Watermelon is undoubtedly one of the most popular foods of the summer, perfect for those who want to get back in shape. This food is rich in water and mineral salts, has very few calories (about 15 per 100 grams) and a high satiating power. Its sugary pulp, which makes it perfect for a snack or a delicious after dinner, contains vitamin A, C and B, but also carotenoids, which improve the tan and protect the skin.

Watermelon is a real super food, ideal for beauty because it counteracts the action of free radicals, promotes the production of melanin and slows the aging of the epidermis. This tasty fruit is rich in lycopene, an anticancer molecule that controls cell division. The high level of potassium and vitamin C make the watermelon excellent for pregnant women and for sportsmen.

Diuretic and draining, this fruit is ideal for losing weight and fighting cellulite, especially if it is included in a diet. How does the watermelon diet work? Start the day with a cup of green tea, a fruit salad and a watermelon shake. At lunch, bet on whole-grain spaghetti with a tomato and basil-based sauce, accompanied by grilled vegetables. Choose a slice of watermelon as a snack, while at dinner opt for a slice of baked salmon with a light salad.

Following this low-calorie regime for about a week you will be able to lose up to 5 kg, eliminating swelling from the belly, fighting cellulite and water retention. Avoid particularly heavy cooking such as frying, choose whole grains and drink at least two liters of water a day. During the diet, use your imagination to make lots of watermelon based dishes, from granita to smoothies, passing through centifughe and ice cream. As always, contact your doctor to avoid health problems and understand if this diet is really for you.

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