Weaves and crochet in an urban version: here's how to wear them

Weaves and crochet in an urban version: here's how to wear them

Crochet in a modern and urban style: here are some style and shopping tips!

The crochet sometimes risks turning into a trap that makes a lot of "old aunt", but fortunately, if you are a lover of the genre, there are some tricks to wear it with ease and determination even in the city. Here are some style tips for you, along with some weaving-themed shopping ideas!

How to wear crochet: with oversized garments

So: the crochet isn't exactly that simple, so the "Coachella-I-wish-but-I-can't" risk is really around the corner. To avoid this, you have to try to match your weaves in a gritty way. A good idea is to combine it with leather pieces, such as oversized coats or, if you intend to wear two coordinated pieces, to choose a neutral color.

How to wear crochet: with a Seventies look

The crochet detail is very seventies and fits perfectly into a Seventies look. How to reproduce it? With flared trousers, maxi glasses and a vintage bag. For example, the crochet top in the outfit below is the unexpected detail that makes the look different from the usual.

urban croches

How to wear weaves: for those who love the classic

The most classic weave there is is that of Bottega Veneta, declined in any of its thousands of versions. However, the intertwined bags are found not only by this famous brand, but also in a vintage version and retain all their allure unchanged. If you are a lover of timeless garments, I recommend you invest here!

bottega veneta braided bag

How to wear weaves and crochet: shopping ideas

A crochet top worn with a pair of jeans immediately creates a boho chic look, which however I suggest you play down with pop jewels and colorful accessories (again to avoid the Coachella risk).

Top Pinko

A crochet dress is cute as a super summer cover-up or minidress, but it can also be worn with a leather blouson or denim jacket to make it wearable even in the city.

Pinko dress

For those who have their strong point in their legs, a pair of shorts are a good idea: in the braided version they are casual and very cute.

caterina moro shorts

All over weaves, even on sunglasses! There are several, both for sunglasses and eyeglasses with braided temples: choose your favorite and don't be afraid to dare with color for the summer!

weaving moschino glasses

Moschino glasses

A different detail than usual? A headband! And if it has an intertwined texture and is made up of intertwining it can only be the detail that doesn't make you go unnoticed!

the beatriz headband

The Beatriz headband

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