What do I cook with carrots today? I invent a nice salad, problem solved

Carrot, cheese and almond salad, a side dish of substance that we can also transform into a single dish: amazing

There is nothing that is faster and more greedy than a beautiful one mixed salad. And with a little imagination, using simple ingredients that we all have at home, it is even more beautiful. Like the salad of carrots, cheese and almondsfast and appetizing.



It takes 10 minutes on the fire and then everything else will go raw, for a fresh side dish but actually suitable for all seasons. We chose the caciocavallo because it is a cheese of substance and flavor, for a balanced dish. We can replace it with toma, fontina, provola, or sliced ​​mozzarellathe one we also use for pizza.

Carrot, cheese and almond salad: also as a main dish

This carrot, cheese and almond salad is designed as a side dish, but we can also make it become a second of substance, or a single dish. Just add, for example, lightly seared salmon in a pan, or grilled chicken or turkey breast. A more original Ceasar Salad than the real one.

10 carrots
250 g of caciocavallo
120 g of flaked almonds
50 ml extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar
2 sprigs of marjoram
Salt to taste
pepper as needed

Preparation: Carrot salad

Let’s take the carrotslet’s trim them, wash them well under running water and peel them with a small knife or with a potato peeler. Then let’s cut them to washers half thick enough and put them to boil in a pot with lightly salted water.
Alternatively we can also steam cooking, the important thing is to leave them little because they must still remain compact and not too soft. Let’s say that 10 minutes may be enough before draining them.
Why do we slice carrots even before cooking them? If we put them whole, the risk would be to really make them too soft, instead so we are sure to have them whole and cooked to the right point.

Wait until the carrots are well warmed and then pour them into a bowl. Separately in a small bowl we prepare the sauce: extra virgin olive oila spoonful of balsamic vinegar (or alternatively, apple), a few pinches of salt and a little freshly ground pepper.
We add the carrots caciocavallo cut into chunks, slightly smaller than the washers, and almond flakes. Then we dress with the balsamic vinegar vinaigrette, season with freshly chopped marjoram at the moment and bring to the table. Nothing is easier than that.