What is bioenergetics and how it acts on tensions

What is bioenergetics and how it acts on tensions

Unlocking physical and emotional stiffness can become a game. How? With bioenergetics, a technique that can help dissolve the blocks that affect us on a muscular and mental level. To tell us about it is Omar Montecchianiauthor of books dedicated to personal growth, counselor in body mediation and conductor of bioenergetics classes in Todi.

What does bioenergetics consist of

«Bioenergetics includes a series of exercises, postures, movements and breathing techniques that they help to become aware of oneself. The goal is not to improve physical fitness, but to find a balance between body, mind and emotions using mainly body energy, that is, the energy produced at the metabolic, biochemical and neuromuscular level»Explains the expert. «Usually it is practiced in a group, under the guidance of a conductor.

Each session lasts about an hour and a half and the physical benefits are immediate: joint and muscle stiffness decrease, breathing becomes calm and deep, movements become fluid. Consequently, we also intervene on existential problems that are “downloaded” on the body, such as difficulties in relationships, fears, depression, low self-esteem, inability to be autonomous », continues Omar Montecchiani.

Bioenergetics frees you from emotional armor

It was Wilhelm Reich, a pupil of Freud, who understood that man is a prisoner of an armor formed by the attitudes put in place to contain emotions. «From an early age we learn to block reactions that are not accepted by others. This is the case of anger, for example, which we are taught to repress », explains Montecchiani. Traumas, experiences, emotions and habits become fixed in rigid patterns and make us who we are, forming character and conditioning movements, voice and posture.

“Some blocks may be momentary. Like, for example, when we are queuing up and let off the nervousness due to waiting on our shoulders. It is on these tensions, called “state”, that we can intervene with the bionergetics classes “, continues the expert, who is keen to clarify:” If, on the other hand, the blocks are linked to wounds and deep emotional traumas, you need a conductor who is also a psychotherapist“.

How bioenergetics is practiced

Each bioenergetics session begins with the grounding: it is the basic position, which sees the student standing, with the legs spread as wide as the pelvis, the knees slightly bent and the toes hooked, as if they had to cling to the ground. “The goal is to regain contact with reality: by taking root we recognize that we are” someone “and we feel we to be able to stand on our legseven in a symbolic way, in everyday life ”, explains Montecchiani.

A bodily attitude that stretches all the vertebrae and allows energy and blood circulation to flow freely. Afterwards, the conductor proposes a sequence of exercises that stimulate all the parts of the body, alternating one phase of contraction with another one of expansion: during the first the tension of the muscles used increases, while in the second the relaxation occurs.

Bioenergetics teaches how to feel the body

Bionergetics also involves movements linked to the activation of specific emotions: for example, kicking and stamping your feet produces feelings similar to opposing, rebelling. Or stretching exercises are performed that they point to mental relaxation. In addition there are sequences to be performed in pairs or small groups, often in the form of a game: participants can be asked to represent the trees of a forest or the animals of the zoo, in order to reveal some aspects of their personality and explore the type of approach towards others in daily life. The movements are not carried out mechanically, nor are you aiming for perfection: the goal is always and only “feel the body”.

Train your breath

According to bioenergetics, the breath shows what we feel and how we feel it. “When we live in a state of anger, fear, joy or sadness, breathing changes: it is slow and deep in conditions of relaxation, it becomes restrained when we are agitated », explains Montecchiani. The discipline aims to restore a calm and deep breath, acting both on the muscles and on the tensions, which melt and they allow the free manifestation of what we feel.

It can also be practiced alone

«Bioenergetics is suitable for any age, even in the case of slight physical limitations, and once learned it can also be practiced at home independently », assures Omar Montecchiani. “Repeating the exercises frequently provides help to better manage everyday life, during which we often exercise involuntary control over the body, letting worries and stress force us to have incorrect postural and muscle patterns. And it helps to regain vitality and a greater pleasure for life ».

The body blocks

According to the bioenergetic view, body blocks can manifest at 7 levels (ocular, oral, cervical, thoracic, diaphragmatic, abdominal, pelvic). Each of them is the consequence of a particular emotional problem: for example, the continuous inhibition of crying and fears can cause severe migraines; withholding feelings triggers tension in the neck and other areas of the back, while doubts and inner conflicts create breathing difficulties and tension in the lower abdomen, lower back and pelvic area.

Where to practice bioenergetics

To find the qualified conductor closest to you, you can consult the websites of the main Italian associations: such as the Institute of Somatorelational Psychology and the Italian Society of Bioenergetic Analysis.

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