What is camouflage and why it helps in case of skin blemishes

What is camouflage and why it helps in case of skin blemishes

When you have to hide some skin imperfections, here's the solution: correct

There are imperfections of the skin that struggle to disappear or others that, although temporary, can create discomfort and insecurity: the camouflage is a special cosmetic technique able to intervene in these cases correcting the imperfections of the face. With the camouflage you can cover and mask the pronounced discolorations or the most evident imperfections such as the scars due to acne, the acne itself, the vitiligo, the psoriasis (not the erythrodermic and pustular), the angiomas, the moles, the sunspots , melasma and surgical scars.

Many applications with some exceptions, for example if you are hypersensitive to the products, or if there are acute lesions or dermatitis. Obviously it is always better to check with your dermatologist about the possibility of using these products, but once the possibility of application has been ascertained, proceed without delay but do not forget that some imperfections, such as skin blemishes and acne, can be solved or at least attenuated with time and with some precaution.

How to apply them? First of all you have to clean well without using substances that are too aggressive: you can use delicate mousses, or cleansers based on rose water, very suitable for its slightly astringent action. After cleansing it is necessary to hydrate: the skin will be covered for many hours so you need to strengthen it and protect it. The third step is the use of the concealer to camouflage the imperfection.

How does it work? Camouflage uses the properties of colors to be complementary: opposite colors cancel each other out, so the effect on imperfection is to disappear. With your fingers or a sponge, pat the concealer. If the discolorations are blue and purple or brown (bruises, ecchymoses or dark circles) the concealer must have a coral color, if instead the color to be covered is more on the shade of red, the concealer must be green.

After this step you have to standardize the area, so it is useful to apply a foundation chosen from those similar to the complexion: if the imperfection is pronounced, better a foundation with a compact texture like those in stick. Blend the outline just enough to even out the face and then proceed with the powder to fix the foundation. At this point you can continue with make-up for the face.

To remove make-up it is good to use delicate products, even natural ones like olive oil, perfect to remove any make-up residue without rubbing the skin.

Remember that the camouflage treatment must be practical and withstand water. It must also be tested for every type of skin, for every area of ​​the body and especially for sensitive and delicate skins and intolerant to heavy metals. In general, therefore, if you follow the directions and decide to camouflage your "problem", you can do it with a bit of "healthy lightness".

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