What is it and how much does the gel nail refill cost?

What is it and how much does the gel nail refill cost?

Masking the regrowth of nails with gel refill: find out how it is done, when to do it and how much it costs.

If you love having perfect hands, you will certainly be aware of gel nails. But how to do it when, after a few weeks, the regrowth begins to appear? There is a technique called refill that allows you to restore nail art to its original state. In this guide we explain to you how to do and to whom to turn to for hands that seduce even after some time.

Nail refill: what is it?

Certainly you have heard of nail reconstruction, acrylic and semi-permanent nail polish techniques. They are all systems that allow you to have perfect nails for a long time, unlike the traditional nail polish that must be retouched every few days.

The reconstruction makes you show off incredible nails, but after a week or two you may begin to see the first signs of regrowth. Does that mean you have to go back to the beautician to repeat the operation? Absolutely not! If you are not tired of that particular nail art, you can use the refill. This "retouching" is performed directly on the regrowth to hide it, restoring the ancient splendor of color.

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Nail refill: how often?

As a rule, the experts in the sector recommend performing a refill every 20 days from the application of the gel. It is also a good idea not to let more than 3 weeks pass, otherwise the refill will have to be performed on a larger portion of the nail and risk ruining the overall result of the aesthetic operation.

Nail refill: how is it done?

The first rule of the refill is to remove the top coat and the color using a file or an electric cutter. Once the difference in height between the natural nail and the reconstructed nail has been filed away, the beautician may proceed to reduce the length in the nail if it is no longer to your liking. After leveling, the nails are dulled with a buffer and then the cuticles are removed. Warning: the cuticles must never be cut, but pushed back gently!

The beautician will then proceed to spread a transparent base over the entire surface of the nail, which will be dried with the special lamp and, once it is perfectly dry, the gel will be applied. This should only be placed on the regrowth part, so that the final effect is really homogeneous. After careful drying, the nails will be degreased and buffed. At this point the color is reapplied, two hands, and then the top coat again. Always pay attention to the health of your nails, which could be damaged by the procedure. You can also refill your home if you are quite experienced and you are sure to work with respect to your nail.

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Nail refill: but how much does it cost?

The refill, although not a long and complex procedure like that of total reconstruction or application of the gel, still requires a certain amount of work and commitment. The prices of nail refills vary depending on the location and, of course, on the prestige of the beauty center, but as a rule this operation is around 30 euros. If you do not want to spend more, when you request a reconstruction, book the refill appointment immediately, within 20 days, so as to be safe.

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