What is the Bull of Bichat, and why more and more women want to remove it

What is the Bull of Bichat, and why more and more women want to remove it

Fat pad inside the cheeks, it is often considered the "ingredient" for a successful facelift

Among the Hollywood celebrities as among ordinary women, there is a cosmetic surgery that is becoming increasingly popular: it is the removal of the Bubble of Bichat (or "bullet"), and that is of that small tissue of fat present in the cheeks that gives the face a "plump" appearance.

Located between the masseter muscle and the buccinator muscle, the Bolla del Bichat is nothing but adipose tissue: used in mastication and breastfeeding (it supports the cheek during feeding), is exactly what makes the cheeks of babies rotund while in the adults tend to shrink, although it never disappears (even in the case of extreme weight loss, while in case of fattening it increases). And here, many women choose to eliminate it.

Removing the Bichat Bubble, the face immediately takes on a more excavated appearance: the pad is in fact commonly used in cosmetic surgery for facial remodeling operations, since many surgeons claim its importance in obtaining good results in performing facelifts . Removing it you get a more defined face, with dimpled cheeks deeper, with greater exposure of the cheekbones and mandibular contours. A result that can be amplified by the association with other procedures such as lipofilling or other operations to reinforce facial features.

Performed by a specialist – who can assess the health status of the person, and verify that the intervention is actually the one best suited to correct the blemish -, the removal of the Bichat Bubble occurs through a surgery that lasts just under a 'now and which provides an incision inside the cheek for the removal of the bearing: incisions and stitches remain hidden, there are no visible scars and possible post-operative discomforts resolve within a week, during which it is advisable to avoid smoking and adopt correct oral hygiene.

Although the results are visible after just a month, to fully appreciate the effects of the intervention, we need to wait for three or four. After this period you will be able to admire a decidedly more excavated, less plump face. Although often, to see the Bubble of Bichat diminish, it is enough to have a correct diet and a bit of healthy physical activity.

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