Which nails are best suited to the shape of your hands? Find out how!

Which nails are best suited to the shape of your hands?  Find out how!

Not sure if the nail shape you have chosen is the best for your fingers or for your hands? Let’s find out together.

How many times have you compared yourself with your friends or have you scoured the social networks to get advice on the shape of your nails?

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But maybe you don’t know that the answer to your doubts is closer than you think and lies right on your fingertips.

Choose the best nail shape for your hands

When you experiment with the shape of your nails, you usually look for ways to accentuate the best parts and minimize the less pleasant ones.



So what works and for what types of hands? Here we come into play. But first, let’s take a look at the various nail shapes you can choose from.

  • Oval: a medium-long shape with straight sides ending in a soft semicircle. You don’t necessarily need long nails to make this shape, just have a few millimeters of free edge extending beyond the fingertip.
  • Square: Another low maintenance style for both long and short nails, featuring straight sides and edge. The square shape of the nail is known to add visible width to the appearance of your nails, so use it wisely.
  • Almond: obtained by keeping a wide base and filing the sides into a tapered peak at the edge
  • Round square: it’s about a square-shaped nail with rounded corners. It is low maintenance and can be achieved by filing the sides and top of the nail before gently softening the corners.
  • Squoval: It’s a simple one rectangle with soft corners and is achieved by filing straight across the free edge, then around the corners
  • Coffin: it is a look that is achieved by filing the nail in one tapered tip and flattened. Warning: You will need long, sturdy nails to get the coffin shape.
  • Stiletto: involves filing your nails into a dramatic tip. While this is usually done with acrylic, you can achieve this look with some resistant natural nails.

At this point let’s see what the nail shape that best suits your type of hands. First of all, you need to establish which one you have:

  • Hands of water: long palm, short fingers
  • Of earth: wide palm, short fingers
  • Fire: wide palm, long fingers
  • Wooden hands: long palm, long fingers

If you have any hands of waterthe best nail shape is that Oval. This shape will help make your fingers appear longer and leaner to balance the length of your palm. File the sides of your nails straight and gently define the free edge in a semicircle.

The hands of earth instead they are ideal for almond-shaped or oval nails. The tapered shape of the almond-shaped nail lengthens the fingers, which are shorter or wider. We recommend that you opt for rounded shapes in general, especially if you have a wide nail bed.

For the hands of fire we recommend the coffin nail. Indeed, its angular shape is enhanced by long fingers and is balanced by a square palm. They require strong nails and regular care to avoid breakage.

For the wooden hands we recommend the square form. You can wear this blunt look to any length. And they are one of the most practical, low-maintenance shapes to wear while working.

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