Who is Mauro Berardi, Barbara D’Urso's great love

Barbara D’Urso, Costanzo comments on the prayer live: "I felt uncomfortable"

Mauro Berardi has been linked for 15 years to Barbara D'Urso, but he also has a great career behind him

She is one of the most beloved conductors of Italian television: if Barbara D’Urso is unstoppable in her work, her love life has always been a little lively. Today the presenter, despite the numerous flirts that are periodically attributed to her, is single, but in her past there is an important relationship, that with Mauro Berardi.

The film producer was linked to D'Urso for 15 years, from 1982 to 1993: a great love story (which never led them to marriage), from which the two sons Giammauro, doctor of Medicine and surgery, were born , and Emanuele, professional photographer. The two, unlike their parents, who are tied to the world of entertainment, prefer to stay away from the spotlight.

The end of the story between Berardi and D'Urso was turbulent and painful, but, as he admitted during an interview with Verissimo, it was a great love for the presenter: “The most important man in my life was Mauro . He is the man I loved most and in fact I also had two children. I suffered a lot from this separation. "

Despite quarrels and tensions, the two for the sake of their children have reconciled, leaving behind their misunderstandings. After more than 20 years they have built an excellent relationship, managing to overcome the contrasts: theirs has been an intense bond, but marked by pain and betrayal.

Despite all the difficulties, Barbara D’Urso has never forgotten her love for Berardi, because it is the one from which her greatest successes were born, her children.

The film producer has a great career behind him: among his most successful films we can count We just have to cry with Massimo Troisi and Roberto Benigni, Ricomincio da tre (the first for the Neapolitan actor behind the camera), Sorry for the delay, always directed and played by Troisi, and Il Piccolo Diavolo, which features the Tuscan actor.

Little is known about Mauro Berardi's private life: before his relationship with Barbara D’Urso he was married and had a daughter named Barbara. After the relationship with the presenter, she had a love affair with Claudia Koll, which lasted for five years.

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