Who is Selvaggia Roma, who could enter the house of Big Brother Vip

Who is Selvaggia Roma, who could enter the house of Big Brother Vip

Influencer and model, she is already known to viewers for taking part in Temptation Island with ex-boyfriend Francesco Chiofalo

A million followers on Instagram, a breathtaking Mediterranean beauty and a face already known on the small screen. Selvaggia Roma, model profession and influencer, could enter the Big Brother Vip House as a competitor of the fifth edition.

Born in 1990, a beautiful body modeled by physical activity, and many tattoos: Selvaggia is already known to viewers. In 2017 she participated in the reality show Temptation Island in the company of her then-boyfriend Francesco Chiofalo. Their relationship, quite troubled, however, ended after the broadcast: following the initial decision to continue being together made during the confrontation bonfire, they parted shortly after with the social announcement by Selvaggia.

There are many followers of the model and influencer who also has a musical piece with its video to her credit: Give me a mojito by Dany De Santis ft. Sonya Queen and Selvaggia Roma.

Over the years there has been no shortage of gossip concerning her. Some stories have been attributed to her: Eliana Michelazzo accused her of having had a clandestine relationship with her ex, to which Roma replied by claiming that the couple had never been together. But there were also attacks. Selvaggia was targeted on social media when her ex Francesco was ill due to a brain tumor removed by surgery. And it was he himself, on that occasion, who defended her by asking fans to stop attacking his ex-girlfriend.

Now apparently Wild could enter as a new competitor in the House of GF Vip, to enrich the number of tenants and shake the balance that has been created in the group.

And the name of Selvaggia, who at the moment seems to be single, was made together with that of Stefano Bettarini and Giulia Salemi. Even if other twists are not excluded, there is no shortage of time: the broadcast conducted by Alfonso Signorini will end in February 2021, with the final expected on the 8th of the same month. Numerous episodes, which could make this edition the longest reality show in the history of television.

At the moment, the influencer has not confirmed his entry into the house, at least according to social media, where, however, he continued to post and interact with followers.

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