Who is Theresa May: portrait of the next Premier of Great Britain

Theresa May has been the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom since 13 July. He took up this post after the resignation of former Premier David Cameron

Theresa May was born on October 1, 1956 in Eastbourne, a town in the south east of England. Her maiden name is Theresa Mary Brasier. After his studies he worked first for the Bank of England and later for the British Revenue Agency. In the meantime she began to take an interest in politics and in 1997 she was elected deputy for the Conservative Party and joined the House of Commons. In the following years the figure of Theresa May acquires more and more prestige. In 2002-2003 he covered the role of President of the Conservative Party.

In May 2010, following the UK general elections, she was appointed Minister of Women and Equal Opportunities, then resigned in September 2012, and Secretary of State for Internal Affairs, office held until 13 June, the day of the election to Prime Minister. The reforms implemented by May as Secretary of State have been numerous and important, including the reorganization of the Police, the introduction of immigration restrictions and the revision of drug laws.

In recent days Theresa May has risen to the forefront of political news since she was appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, succeeding David Cameron. After six years as Premier, the latter left office following the victory of Brexit, or the referendum which on 23 June 2016 sanctioned the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. May won the Conservative Party primaries at the table, following numerous renunciations of the candidates, and was therefore directly elected UK Premier and new party leader.

With her election as Prime Minister, she became the second woman ever to hold that position after the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher. Unlike party partner David Cameron, Theresa May has been a fervent supporter of Brexit, always Eurosceptic and is a more pragmatic than idealistic woman. In her private life, she has been married for over thirty-five years to an English investment manager, Philip May, who became Britain's first husband since 13 July. The couple has no children. So here's who Theresa May is, the current first woman of British politics.

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