William and Kate, Harry and Meghan's secret anniversary gesture

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Meghan Markle and Harry's gesture could restore peace with Kate Middleton and William

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A few days after William and Kate Middleton's wedding anniversary comes a welcome twist. As revealed by Hello! in fact Harry and Meghan Markle would not have forgotten the Cambridge, snubbing them, but they would have chosen to wish the couple their wishes in private.

"The Sussexes have sent their congratulations on their wedding anniversary – explained a source to the magazine -. They did it privately ”. Meghan and Harry would therefore have taken a step towards William and Kate. An important gesture that could sign the peace so dreamed of by the Queen. The funeral of Philip brought the brothers together. The Duke of Edinburgh passed away at the age of 99 at a very difficult time for the Royal Family, immediately after the Sussex interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The meeting between William and Harry at their grandfather's funeral was fraught with tension, but thanks to Kate's intervention, the two brothers were able to talk to each other and put aside their differences. Harry's return to the United States, a few days after the funeral and before the Queen's birthday, had reignited the gossip. Apparently, however, among Diana's children, the serene would be returning, little by little, also thanks to Meghan and Kate.

The two sisters-in-law, once enemies, would be mediating to bring the brothers back together. William and Harry after the tragic and sudden death of Lady D had sworn to always remain united and support each other. William had helped his younger brother overcome the pain of loss, prompting him to seek psychological support. While Harry had been the favorite confidant of the heir to the throne, urging him to ask for Kate's hand.

Today those times seem long gone and the brothers are divided by grudges and accusations. The Sussex gesture towards the Cambridge, however, could change things. Meghan will soon become a mother for the second time and, according to sources, the very approach of the happy event would have prompted her to lay down the hatchet against the Windsors. A choice appreciated by William and Kate who would now be eager to find peace in the family.

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