William turns 38, Kate Middleton celebrates him with her children and Meghan Markle takes revenge

William turns 38, Kate Middleton celebrates him with her children and Meghan Markle takes revenge

William celebrates his 38 years with Kate Middleton and three children, while Meghan Markle and Harry ignore him

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle in comparison: the truth about their enmity

William turns 38 and celebrates his birthday with his children and Kate Middleton, while Meghan Markle and Harry take revenge, ignoring him on the most important day. The Duke of Cambridge has decided to celebrate with his family, sharing with the fans a private shot taken by Catherine and posted on Instagram. In the photo Diana's eldest son smiles sitting on a swing, together with him Louis, the newest member of the family, Charlotte and George. A shot that tells the serenity of the Dukes of Cambridge and their strong bond with their children.

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – reads the caption – are very pleased to share a new photo of the Duke with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis in view of the Duke's birthday. The photo was taken earlier this month by the Duchess. " In the photo William is smiling and seems very happy, surrounded by the affection of his loved ones. According to rumors, the Duke of Cambridge will celebrate the birthday in the company of the family, but there will be no Queen next to him, let alone Carlo. William and his father have not seen each other for months and this would have made Diana's eldest son very sad, who in these difficult months has chosen to take on many responsibilities, preparing to ascend the throne.

On the occasion of his son's birthday, Carlo shared, together with Camilla, some very sweet posts on Instagram, with photos that come from the past and also refer to Father's Day. The Queen did the same, who would seem very proud of the work done by Kate Middleton and William. Great silence from Harry and Meghan Markle, who once again chose not to expose themselves publicly. According to a documentary broadcast on Channel 5, the tensions within the Royal Family would not have ended. In the documentary, titled William and Kate. Too good to be true, there is talk of a strong rivalry between the brothers and Harry's willingness to ascend the throne, also driven by his wife's ambition. The Sussex and Cambridge would be at loggerheads and on the occasion of the birthday Meghan would have taken the opportunity to emphasize, once again, the separation with the royal family, avoiding good wishes in public.

William with children

William with children – Source: Instagram

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