With summer approaching, the ideal is to copy Cristiana Capotondi’s shirt

With summer approaching, the ideal is to copy Cristiana Capotondi's shirt

From TV to cinema, Cristiana Capotondi carefully chooses the projects in which to dive headlong. Today, however, we are dealing with the perforated shirt published both on her Instagram profile and in a recent shooting for the weekly Grazia.

Roman, blue eyes and undisputed talent discovered at a very young age.

Cristiana Capotondi in perforated knit 20-5-22.

Source: Canva.

Cristiana Capotondi is the head of the delegation of the women’s national football team, in recent years she has taken part in films for the big and small screen with the delicate theme of violence against women and also in terms of style “wet the nose” of many of her colleagues . Let’s get inspired by her look.

The openwork goes with everything! Here are the must-haves at affordable prices

The white openwork long-sleeved shirt by Subdued (49 euros on the official website) it is perfect both with a pair of nineties jeans and with a long skirt and flat sandal.

Close-up of Cristiana Capotondi 20-5-22.

Source: Instagram.

With this kind of garments one is led to think immediately of the beach but with such a thick workmanship it is more suitable for the boat (friends permitting) or for the post sunset.

Definitely more suitable as a cover-up, the cover up of Shein (12 euros) is beige, short, with short sleeves and to be worn with a light frayed shorts and to be worn with wooden accessories or, alternatively, natural leather.

Signed Reserved, the relaxed design sweater in emerald green cotton blend jersey knows how to bring out your tan like few other shades. The dropped shoulders, the long sleeves with cuffs and the round neckline are signs of a classic style that will go well with golden bijoux and black trousers. The price is 29.99 euros.

Emerald green openwork sweater 20-5-22

Remember the doilies the grandmother was creating Mango (€ 69.99). White like Cristiana’s, she stays short at the waist and the long bell sleeves are reminiscent of the fashion of St Tropez in the golden years.

In time of the Cannes Film Festival it is normal to talk about actresses as we did about the style of Sabrina Ferilli and today of another beloved Italian professional. What we must always remember is to be inspired, motivated to experiment with new styles, to improve ourselves both inside and out. Only in this way will we be able to shine!

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