Wrong lip tint? So you correct the color without having to throw it away

tinta labbra sbagliata

Buying the wrong lip color can happen, especially when we buy cosmetics online: from today you won’t be forced to throw it away!

Unfortunately cosmetics are among those products that cannot be returned after purchase for reasons of hygiene and also because no one would buy a product that has already touched someone else’s lips!

wrong lip tint


Fortunately the women have learned to mix colors with excellent results and then to recover lipsticks and lip pencils with a slightly different color from what they would have liked.

Creamy products are very easy to mix to others that have a different color but the same texture. The reason is that soft or even fluid products are very easy to mix, even directly on the skin.

For the lip tints the speech is not that simple. The reason is that lip tints dry very quickly, therefore they do not mix when overlaid on the skin, as happens with creamy products such as foundation, concealers and creamy lip products. What to do then?

Correcting the color of a wrong lip tint and not wasting money is possible!

The main characteristics of the lip tints is to be waterproof products, that is they do not have any oily component. This particular formulation allows the colors of coloring the mucous membrane of the lips and therefore ensure much longer lasting effects.

change lip tint color


Unfortunately for this particular feature, lip tint does not lend itself to being mixed directly on the skin with other products.

To get a color closer to our wishes it is therefore possible overlay the lip tint on another product of a different color.

The ideal option is a pencil with which to trace the lip contour and then completely fill the surface of the lips.

For best results, always use one very soft pencil but above all darker or darker than the lip tint that you will use.

After applying the pencil you will have to simply use very little dye to cover with great precision the area already colored by the pencil. So the tint will show the underlying color.

If you were to use a lot of lip tint the result would not be what you wanted because the lip tint layer would be the result very opaque, enough to completely overwhelm the color of the pencil we applied.

When we perform this technique we must bear in mind, however, that the result will be very matte and very dry. The lip pencil and the lip tint are in fact two products that are not at all moisturizing, which leave the mucous membrane of the lips very dry.

For this reason it is it is strictly necessary to implement a small beauty routine before applying lip make-up. First of all it will be necessary perform a natural scrub with honey and sugar, then apply a lip balm and let it dry well. To speed up the absorption of the moisturizing product, you can also use classic moisturizers or creams for the eye contour.

Once the moisturizing product has been absorbed, you can proceed with the make-up! Finally, to make everything more comfortable, the secret is to apply a very thin layer of lip gloss to soften the lips without dissolving the pigments of the cosmetics used.

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