X Factor, Emma in tears defends Casadilego: "I'd like to lend you my eyes"

X Factor, Emma in tears defends Casadilego: "I'd like to lend you my eyes"

On "X Factor", Emma Marrone defends Elisa Casadilego from body shaming: "I would like to lend you my eyes"

Emma, ​​the disease and the courage to win, at any cost

Elisa Casadilego touches the hearts of the judges at X Factor and Emma Marrone is moved, siding with her in the fight against bodyshaming. The 17-year-old singer took to the stage of the show in the episode conducted by Daniela Collu, the blogger chosen to replace Alessandro Cattelan, who tested positive at Covid and therefore at home.

The young competitor from her first performance had struck everyone for her great shyness and sweetness. Elisa confessed to being hurt by the nasty comments and criticism received after her television appearance. His words, and his talent, moved Emma Marrone. “I would like to say that at your age having this fear in regarding yourself, in seeing yourself in the mirror is perhaps a mirage – he said -. It means that perhaps there is still something healthy in this society, it is something that must be preserved. I would like to lend you my eyes to make you understand how beautiful it is to look at you from the outside – explained the judge of the show -, how beautiful it is to see a healthy, pure, clean thing, a woman with a capital D and with pa ** e. With an integrity, which is not homologated to the image of Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, all that shit that they are giving us. Stay like this always ”.

Elisa Casadilego's confession, made in Hell Raton, also touched Manuel Agnelli. After the girl performed Billie Eilish's Sunny, the X Factor judge commented: "What can I say without being too much we have found a vocal talent that needs to be protected, it's a rare thing." Exciting moments, but also laughter, in the episode conducted by Daniela Collu.

Alessandro Cattelan opened the show, speaking in connection from home. The presenter tried to encourage Collu with his great irony. “I know it's a big thing, but you'll do it – he said -, the advice is not to make sexually inappropriate jokes and count to eleven, I say eleven because a guy will go out immediately and for this you will have one less code to remember. Don't worry, you will take it home great ". Daniela replied: “I'll just count”, passing the test in the best possible way.

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