You can’t imagine what happens to your health if you let your gray hair grow out

What really happens if you let your hair stay gray? Very few women know this, but the benefits can be so many. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

One of the effects of passing time is the appearance of gray hair, which in reality, however, is not linked to a specific age, because it is a purely subjective fact.

grey hair

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First of all why does it happen? With the passing years, the body reduces the production of melanin. When the melanocytes – that is the cells present in the epidermis partially responsible for the color of the skin – stop synthesizing it (therefore producing it) our hair stops being pigmented, so the first white hair appears.

This generally occurs around the age of 40 (and this applies to both men and women), but, as we have anticipated, it is a subjective fact, so it can also happen sooner or later.

It must be said that there may also be other causes that determine its appearance: the first is stress, which can cause them to appear prematurely, as the follicles of our scalp are affected by stress hormones.

Many women, however, are almost frightened by the appearance of gray on their hair, so much so that they want to cover it at all costs.

In reality this is an extremely strong, sensual, sophisticated color. A sign of maturity, but also of refinement, many times it does nothing but give charm to the wearer.

That said, there are still plenty of benefits to leaving your hair gray – here’s what they are.

Here’s what happens if you no longer dye your hair gray

Keeping your hair gray can give life to a series of positive consequences, even if it is often an undervalued action.

grey hair

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In this regard, if you want to know how to switch to gray hair naturally, here is our guide.

In any case, first of all, stop making colors – and then apply on the hair harmful substances that penetrate the hair weakening it in the long run – it does nothing but strengthen them, making them stronger, brighter, healthier. That is, they will stop thinning, they will never be fragile or dry again.

Furthermore also the scalp will undergo a marked improvement: one of the substances contained in the dyes, paraphenylenediamine, generally irritates him. By not applying them anymore, you will no longer feel discomfort, itching and burning on the scalp.

In addition, leaving the hair “natural”, you won’t have to wash them too often, because they will also tend to appear less fat.

This is equivalent to a time saver, just as it is also to stop having to schedule the appointment every month at the hairdresser to be able to cover the gray regrowth, which obviously also amounts to saving money.

To all this we must add several things that we too often tend to underestimate. Primarily each gray is unique: it is absolutely not true that all hair is the same, because there are many shades of this color.

Some, in fact, turn more towards white, others instead have some extremely fascinating darker stripes, others still have almost metallic shades. In short, in any case they are really very special, much more than you think.

And it must also be said that often grayish reflections can best frame the face, making it naturally brighter.

In addition it must be said that lead, mercury, coal tar or formaldehyde contained in the dyes for hair are harmful both for the scalp and for the planet, so by stopping them we can also contribute to its protection.