“You were a special boy” Maria De Filippi and Amici remember Michele Merlo


"You were melancholy in your eyes and sunny in your smile, intense, deep and special" Maria De Filippi and the editors of Amici remember Michele Merlo with beautiful words

Mike Bird, Emma's dedication during the concert and the words of the VIPs

The news of the death of Michele Merlo, aka Mike Bird, a 28-year-old singer famous for having participated in Amici 16, was like a devastating tsunami. Because Michele was young, he was beautiful, talented. And because he died in a few days, of an almost inexplicable death and that perhaps (but the competent authorities will ascertain this) if caught in time could have been avoided.

Many messages of condolence on social media, of those who loved and followed him, of those who had known him for his kind soul and undisputed talent; and of those who cannot but mourn such a tragic and unjust death. Among all, the words full of love of Emma, ​​who had been the coach to Amici, and who from the stage of the Verona Arena, the other night, during the concert, had dedicated a song to him, begging him not to give up. .

Today also those of his television “mother”, Maria De Filippi, who remembered him with emotion with the editorial team of Amici.

Deep, melancholy in the eyes and sunny in the smile. So you appeared to us from the first moment we saw you and so you stayed until the last day you spent in the house. Yours was a special melancholy that fought every second with that smile that said the exact opposite. Sometimes one thing prevailed, sometimes the opposite. You were both. And when you sang, when you were in the center of the stage doing what you liked best in the world, your way of being took over and made you show the world without filters without fear. You were Mike Bird and you were singing You were in your natural element, the outlet for your deep thoughts that exploded in your chest and that you really wanted to share with the world. You were a special guy and we all understood that. You had a unique intensity, an excessively strong ability to look inside yourself that sometimes makes you struggle around moods and sensations. Baudelaire used to say that "everyone's sensitivity is their genius", yours was great, Mike. And it is that sensitivity, that depth of soul and thought, that ability to dig into the abysses of the human soul that we will carry inside forever. Have a good trip. Maria and the editorial staff of Amici.

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