Amber and Kikò broke up: Tina's ex-husband gets angry on Instagram

Amber and Kikò broke up: Tina's ex-husband gets angry on Instagram

The love story between Ambra Lombardo and Kikò Nalli, ex-husband of Tina Cipollari, would already be over

Ambra Lombardo and Kikò Nalli broke up. According to the latest rumors, Tina Cipollari's ex-husband and the model said goodbye. This was revealed by some clues that appeared on Instagram that suggest a sudden breakdown.

Amber stopped following Kikò on social media, while the ex gieffino let off steam on Instagram, responding to those who asked him about his love story. "I no longer care about gossip – the hair stylist thundered -, they did what they wanted. I have much more important things to deal with right now. "

Chicco Nalli was the husband of Tina Cipollari for over ten years. A love born in the studies of men and women where he was a suitor and she was an opinionist. Then the birth of three children – Mattias, Francesco and Gianluca – and the announcement of the divorce. Tina and Kikò, although they are no longer husband and wife, are still very close. The vamp had been among the first to comment on the birth of the love story between the ex and the teacher during Big Brother conducted by Barbara D’Urso.

Cipollari, now linked to Vincenzo Ferrara, had first criticized the relationship, also supported by the couple's children, then had changed her mind. “My ex-husband and Amber? I wish them serenity – he said recently -. And if it doesn't work out, I hope he can console himself right away. " Words that sound prophetic given that the love story would have come to an end.

After the end of the GF, Ambra and Kikò had often been guests of Barbara D’Urso's broadcasts where they had told the evolution of the relationship. There was often talk of a crisis between the two and the intrusion of Gaetano Arena, also a competitor of the reality show set in Cinecittà. When Chicco Nalli had an illness, Lombardo remained in Sicily and refused to comment on the incident. Shortly afterwards she revealed that she was still in love with her partner: “Now everything is peaceful, everything is fine – he revealed -. Our relationship is strong and solid even if it is managed with so much distance. We love each other and with great effort we reconcile our work commitments and we meet ".

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