Amici 20, Riccardo Guarnaccia angers Lorella Cuccarini

Lorella Cuccarini

At "Amici 20", the dancer Riccardo Guarnaccia makes Lorella Cuccarini angry with her behavior

The new edition of Amici has just started, but Lorella Cuccarini has already made itself known for her strength and great charisma. The dance teacher didn't spare herself and, after being moved by Martina's story, she got angry with another student: Riccardo Guarnaccia. Dancer, actress and choreographer, Lorella did not like the attitude of the competitor who seemed more interested in cameras than in the possibility of growth in school.

In fact, Riccardo has created small sketches dedicated to the public at home. His behavior has been challenged by Lorella who would like him to focus on dance instead. “You must not use the cameras for the private sector – said Cuccarini -. You don't have to make a show. You have to do the show on stage ”. Lorella in particular got angry because of Riccardo's attitude who initially did not understand how harmful his behavior can be.

"You must be yourself – he added -. You don't have to represent yourself in any way, you don't need it […] I want to give you some advice, never lose sight of what you are doing. You have to defend the dealer ”. Finally Lorella stated that she was left with the choice of Riccardo who, after his last performance, anxiously awaited the judgment of Alessandra Celentano and Veronica Peparini, despite the fact that it was Cuccarini who strongly wanted him to Amici 20. "I was left a little stucco. You don't have to work to convince Celentano, but the public ”.

Lorella Cuccarini landed at Amici 2020 after a rather difficult period, marked by the farewell to Live Life and the long-distance confrontation with Alberto Matano, who hosted the Rai program with her. "In such a complex year – said the presenter recently -, I liked to take up the challenge of presenting myself in a different guise, staying a little more behind the scenes to make myself available to the students, share my experience and in some way to give them back the immense gift I got from life – he added – […] With Amici I return to dance, my first environment, perhaps the most familiar. But the 'signals' are many: Canale 5 turns 40 and I return to a network where I worked for 14 years, a piece of my history ".

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