Belen Rodriguez and Andrea Iannone, it is crisis. Fault of Stefano De Martino

Belen Rodriguez and Andrea Iannone, it is crisis. Fault of Stefano De Martino

Tense relations and constant quarrels between Belen and the motorcyclist. Apparently the Argentine showgirl never forgot her ex-husband

Belen Rodriguez and Andrea Iannone, the love story

It seems that there is an air of crisis between Belen Rodriguez and Andrea Iannone. The idyll between the two would last only a few months. And the fault would be all of Stefano De Martino, ex-husband of the Argentine showgirl, who would never have hidden from loving her again.

According to reports from Novella 2000, Belen and Iannone no longer get along and no day goes by that they don't quarrel (in fact, some time ago they had quarreled in the street). Additionally, sources close to Rodriguez say she is tense and no longer as sunny as she once was. In short, is it really already over?

Even fans of Argentina have noticed that something is wrong and accuse her of being too cold with the motorcyclist. There are even those who insinuate that his affectionate attitudes are fake, made only for paparazzi.

Maybe Belen never really forgot Stefano De Martino? An unsuspected feeling, given that Argentina has always declared that it was all over with him. For his part, Amici's dancer seems to be trying to rebuild his life. Just in these days the face of the new girlfriend has been revealed. This is the 19 year old model, Diletta Puecher, who has a special feature: it is the photocopy of Rodriguez.

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