Belen seized by illness: skip the registration of Tú sí que vales. Is pregnant?

Belen seized by illness: skip the registration of Tú sí que vales. Is pregnant?

Belen pregnant for the second time? The showgirl feels bad and doesn't record the first episode of her show. While on Instagram he hides his tummy

Belen Rodriguez on vacation: screaming bikini and suspicious tummy

Belen Rodriguez seized with illness while recording the first episode of Tú sí que vales: is she really pregnant?

The rumors of a second pregnancy of the Argentine showgirl have become increasingly insistent since she made the flashback with Stefano De Martino who is expected to marry again next September. The couple who seem to have rediscovered the love of yesteryear already have a son, Santiago. So, along with passion, the desire to become parents again may have returned.

According to the indiscretion of Oggi magazine, Belen was seized by an illness that prevented her from completing the recording of the show that sees her as a presenter. This fact: "To suggest that the beautiful Argentine may be pregnant again is the recent illness that they say forced her to skip the recording of the first episode of the new edition of Tú sí que vales" – says the magazine. Rodriguez could therefore suffer from severe nausea on hold, just like Kate Middleton.

Those directly involved do not confirm or deny pregnancy, but on her Instagram profile, where she faithfully documents her summer at the sea, the showgirl strategically buys her tummy in all the photos recently published, even when she shows herself in a bikini or on the yacht with De Martino and Santiago. Could it be to hide the first signs of sweet anticipation?

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