Bianca Guaccero, the memory of Lucia Bosè on Instagram

Bianca Guaccero remembers Lucia Bosè, the great actress who passed away in these days

Bianca Guaccero remembers Lucia Bosè on Instagram after the sudden disappearance of the actress. Miguel Bosè's diva and mother disappeared at 89 years of age leaving a huge void in the hearts of fans, but above all of those who knew her. Among them, the presenter of Detto Fatto who shared the set of Capri with Lucia.

It was precisely the television series, in 2006, that brought the showgirl to success and made her loved by the general public as Carolina Scapece. Behind the scenes, Bianca created a very strong bond with Lucia Bosè, as she had revealed to Detto Fatto some time ago. When Jonathan had aired the last interview released by the actress on Sunday In, Guaccero was moved.

“Seeing her excited me – he confessed – because I spent several months with her on the set. Lucia is a woman who would listen for hours and hours. Do you know a funny thing? That while I was talking about my friends, she was talking to me about Picasso. So I was shocked by his speeches that he did with an incredible normality, sweetness, class and humility ".

The relationship between Bianca and Lucia had continued even away from the spotlight, which is why the death of the actress caused great pain for Guaccero. The presenter learned live on Instagram about Bosè's death and was unable to hold back her tears. "I'm really sorry – he said". I worked with her on the set of the last season of Capri. She was a mother to me, a true force of nature. I will miss you very much … I lived with you on set twenty-four hours a day. "

Shortly after, Guaccero wanted to pay homage to Lucia Bosè by publishing a video with some scenes from the fiction Capri in which the actresses smile toast. "Hi Lucia", wrote Bianca simply. To comment on the post also her colleague Miriam Candurro: "She will remain an integral part of one of the most beautiful moments of our life", she wrote and the presenter replied: "Yes, it is true".

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