Farewell to William Link, creator of Columbus and The Lady in Yellow

Farewell to William Link, father of cult TV series such as "Il Tenente Colombo" and "La Signora in giallo"

The world of entertainment mourns the death of William Link, creator of cult TV series such as The Lady in Yellow and Il Tenente Colombo. Link wrote a piece of television with his friend and colleague Richard Levinson, with whom he created TV series that made history. In 1971 the couple won an Emmy Awards for Lieutenant Columbus, played by the legendary Peter Falk, while from 1984 to 1996 they led to the success The Lady in Yellow, with Angela Lansbury in the role of the protagonist Jessica Fletcher.

Among William Link's great achievements are also the screenplays by Mannix, Ellery Queen, That House on the Hill (which won an Emmy in 1970), Murder of Natural Causes and Three Acts of Murder. For the cinema he made, always paired with Levinson, The Hindenburg in 1975 and Rollercoaster the great thrill, two years later. In his long career, Link has garnered numerous awards. In 1979 he and Levinson received the Edgar Award from Mystery Writers of America for writing Ellery Queen and Lieutenant Columbus.

In 1987 Levinson died, but Link did not stop, continuing to produce subjects and screenplays for television. In 1995, the writers entered the Television Academy Hall of Fame by right, seven years later Link was named president of the Mystery Writers of America. His greatest hits, those for which he will be remembered, remain La Signora in giallo and Il lieente Colombo, cult of the small screen that have seduced generations of viewers. In 2011 Peter Falk, who played the Los Angeles detective with a very particular personality, passed away, while Angela Lansbury turned 95 on October 16 last and contemplates returning to play the role of Jessica Fletcher in a renewed version of The Lady in yellow. "There have been some two-hour specials since we stopped the series in 1996 and I wouldn't be surprised if we were all together again – he revealed some time ago to the Sunday Post – (…) I was in tears shooting my last. scene. Jessica Flecther had become such a big part of my life, it was hard to deal with the fact that it was all over ”.

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