Here are the foods that help counteract menstrual pain and bad mood

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When your period arrives, here are the foods useful to counteract the menstrual pains and bad mood typical of this period.

In the days of menstrual cycle between pains and bad mood we often don’t know where to turn. And if you also put the heat on, that’s the patatrac. Keeping all the symptoms that cause menstruation at bay is really difficult for many women.

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Between belly pains, abdominal swelling, headaches and mood swings, many go haywire on fateful days. This is why it is good to know that there are some foods that can help in this sense.

So let’s find out what the foods that contribute to counteracting nervousness, bad mood and menstrual pains in the days of the cycle: here’s what to introduce in the diet.

Here are the most suitable foods for menstrual pain

Nervousness and stomach ache they go hand in hand during the days of the cycle, if we also include the headache here it becomes practically impossible to carry on your daily activities.

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In fact, many women suffer from both PMS (here find out what you should eat to counteract its bad effects and foods to avoid) but even during the period they do not joke.

There are those who rely on natural remedies and those who prefer to take painkillers. However, if we think that at least two or three days a month are lost due to pain, indisposition, and nervousness, the toll is really high.

And then we absolutely must find out how to counteract menstrual pain and bad mood thanks to some foods. In fact, some nutrients manage to relieve pain, make us deflate and stimulate a good mood.

First of all, to relieve menstrual pain, we should introduce Omega 3, ie fatty acids contained in various foods including oily fish, salmon, flax seeds, avocado, nuts and so on.

Thanks to these substances we can prevent the typical cramps that are felt during the menstrual cycle. This happens because the omega 3s counteract the action of prostaglandins, molecules responsible for muscle contractions and menstrual pain.

A mineral salt that we should have in stock during this period is the magnesium able to relax body and mind. It is a precious ally for women, especially when they are menstruating.

If we do not want to take it in the form of a supplement, the doses of which should be established by your doctor, we must know that different foods contain it: from vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, potatoes to dried fruit including almonds, and then again cocoa, bananas, sunflower seeds, figs, plums, legumes.

Magnesium is able to exert an antispastic action by slowing down the annoying uterine contractions, until complete relaxation.

Also there vitamin B6 is a substance capable of promoting muscle relaxation by relieving pain. Among the foods that contain it we find once again spinach, peas and whole grains.

To give us back the good mood then we will also have to take into account the tryptophanthis substance is capable of raising the levels of serotonin or the hormone of well-being and good mood.

So we eat more whole grains, rice, but also potatoes, sesame and pumpkin seeds, green leafy vegetables, bananas, dark chocolate, and nuts.

Finally, the last tip is for anyone who also suffers from nausea in those days. A perfect remedy is it ginger either fresh or dried. We can put a small piece under the teeth, or consume it in the form of a supplement.

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